Develop your psychic skills in Echo Bodine's "Psychic Awakening"

Nearly everyone has experienced psychic abilities to one degree or another.

And everyone can learn to get better and more accurate, which can help you with better decisions and better choices in your work as well as your personal life.

Here's how to tell if you've had psychic episodes:

Do you get pictures in your mind's eye that later come true?

Do random thoughts come in that turn out to be guidance you've been asking for?

Do you need to stay away from social functions, because you pick up on other people's feelings, drama, or energy?

Can you sense spirits around you?

Do you hear from the deceased?

If so, you have untrained psychic abilities.  And this is not a statement of woo-woo.  It's about working with the capabilities of the nonconscious mind to help maximize your potential and get more from your life.

When you train these nonconscious abilities, they can be more reliable for you, and you really do get an edge at work and in other areas of your life.

The more psychic you become, the easier for you to achieve your hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations.

If you haven't had those psychic experiences, your abilities are simply latent.  The capabilities are there. We all have them. You're just not in touch with them or using them properly.

Welcome to
Psychic Awakening
8 sessions with professional psychic Echo Bodine

You are invited to use a lively and provocative sequence of instruction, practice, and coaching to awaken your psychic abilities, turn them into psychic skills, and use them every day of your life with amazing accuracy and absolute connection with your mission in life.

Session 1


Intuition is different from psychic abilities. You will learn how to tell which one is speaking to you. Why you need to know. When you want to use one over the other. What is the role of "Spirit Guides" in psychic work. Yes, Echo will lead us through an intuition exercise.

Session 2

Psychic Instruction: Ethics and Boundaries, Clairvoyance, Third Eye Seeing

In this session we will cover ethics and boundaries, clairvoyance, third eye seeing, and how to open and close the third eye. We will talk about interpretation, timing, and symbols. We will do a psychic exercise.

Session 3

Psychic Instruction: Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairgustance

We will dive into and practice using:

Clairaudience is a way of sensing through hearing that which is not audible.

Clairsentience means clear sensing. It is the ability to feel the present, past, or future physical and emotional states of others without the use of the normal five senses. Psychics who are clairsentient are able to retrieve information from buildings and outside areas.

Clairgustance is sensing through taste, but without actually putting anything in your mouth.

You will also learn grounding and clearing yourself. You will learn how to protect yourself from soaking in other people's energy and ways to keep your house and office clean of any negative energy.

Sessions 4, 6, 7, and 8

Psychic Escalator & Group Coaching

Head knowledge is not enough.

Experience in a training is not enough.

If you want to escalate your psychic abilities you need to get out in real life, use them, and come back for coaching. Echo built four coaching sessions into the training to make sure where you end up is not where you began.

Psychic Awakening was originally presented as a virtual training.

Today you can get the recordings of the event, so you can do them at your own pace. If you have any questions during the program, simply write one of our coaches, and we’ll do our best to help you.

Session 5

Finding Missing People and Pets

You will learn how to use your psychic faculties to find missing people and missing pets. You'll explore psychometry, which is discovering facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them.

Have you ever wondered about someone from your past. You'll learn the secrets here.

Your Personal Psychic Mentor
Echo Bodine

Echo has been teaching psychic abilities for three decades, and she knows how to awaken psychic abilities.

If you want to be more psychic, you can learn on your own or be mentored by someone who has worked with thousands of people through the years.

She knows what works and what does not work.

She is all about being a No-Nonsense Practical Psychic.

Echo is part of what national media has called "The world's most psychic family" and has authored 11 books. I first heard about her amazing work back in the 70s, and we began working with her a couple years ago. I am delighted we are making these sessions available to you right now.

More of what you will learn

Is there a way to determine the timing of events one may see in the future?

Is it possible to confuse thoughts you might be picking up from other people with psychic messages from guides or sources?

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Do our dreams provide psychic messages? Are they different from regular dreams? How do you know the difference?

How do you trust what you are receiving? When is something a true psychic experience instead of your brain just doing what your brain does?

How do you access and refine psychic understandings when doing healing work?

How can you stay open psychically to best intentions for loves ones, and not subvert their lives.

When does empathy become a psychic experience?

What happens to someone's karmic journey when you share psychic insights with them?

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You will have immediate access to the sessions in your online digital Library. You will receive both the video recordings of the sessions as well as audio recordings. This will give you the ultimate flexibility.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the program, you may request a full refund within 30 days. This means you will be able to participate in all of the sessions and still request a refund. You have zero risk with everything to gain.

Everything is easier when
you train your psychic abilities

  • The right time to contact someone who may need your support.
  • When to contact a client.
  • What to say to someone.
  • Whether someone will be able to assist you.
  • Whether someone will be a match for you.
  • How someone really feels, and not just how they appear to feel.
  • The challenges someone faces.
  • What they want to communicate with you.
  • A better understanding of how things work.

And the list goes on.

Through Echo's 30 years of being an active professional psychic, she is thoroughly convinced that everyone can tap into and train their natural psychic abilities. Please join Echo's eight training sessions which include four group coaching sessions.

Your first session is waiting for you right now in your online digital Library.

For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette

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