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Introducing: Heart Freedom - Epic Success

Do any of these feel familiar to you? Maybe it sounds like something you’ve said to yourself?

“I’m so ready for a change in my life – a new job, new relationship, new energy – but I feel so blocked and I have no idea how to get myself unstuck and moving forward.”

“It is not working out the way I’d hoped even though I have tried everything I know.”

“I had a rough time in my past. I got through it, but it’s been really hard. Things are okay now, sort of.”

“I have what I thought I wanted in my life, but something’s still missing. I’m not happy.”

“I am successful, but I’m not doing as well as I know I can.”

“I’m not even sure what I want for my life, let alone how to achieve it. I’m not really excited about anything.”

“I am so caught up in ________, and that it affects everything in my life.”

Or, maybe “I am so consumed by emotions, I can’t find relief.”

If you have done everything to solve problems intellectually but are still not where you would like to be, it’s most likely because your subconscious mind is ruling you without you even knowing it!

But here’s the thing: you don’t need to be stopped, whether it’s lack of clarity or issues from the past.

Our newest mentor, Lise Janelle says,

“You can learn to recognize when you are making decisions from the wise voice of your heart instead of your subconscious programming that often gets in the way of living your full potential, whether it be in love, finances, career, weight, health and overall life happiness.

“Once you know how to do this, you make choices that are going to bring you the most success: First because they are based on what matters to you most, and also because you will be free to move faster. You will be free from the beliefs that have been standing in your way.”

To live an amazingly successful life, Lise says you need to be clear on what your heart wants and get in action on making it happen.

If you are serious about transforming your life, please order our first-ever Heart Freedom – Epic Success teleseminar series with Lise Janelle.

Heart Freedom – Epic Success

Since 1989 Dr. Lise Janelle has worked with thousands of clients one-on-one and helped them achieve breakthroughs by uncovering self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs that held them back from epic success.

And she’s ready to work with you through this exclusive collaboration with Learning Strategies.

Lise’s method handles many beliefs and fears including… the fear of having to make changes… the belief of not being worthy of having what you desire… the fear of being incapable… the belief in problems that epic success might create… and so on.

“I haven’t seen any beliefs or fears that could not be dissolved using the Heart Freedom Method,” said Lise when we were together two weeks ago.

“The work we will do together consists of creating clarity around what matters to you most, discovering why you have not been able to make it happen, and helping you create strategies to achieve true success.”

Dissolve Beliefs and Succeed

You will use the Heart Freedom Method to access stored beliefs no longer serving you.

Once they are dissolved, it’s done.

Your physiology is cleared of that belief. There is no need to go over it anymore. You are able to move freely towards success with any goals.

With Lise’s Heart Freedom Method you achieve outstanding and lasting results very quickly.

"I started off depressed, confused and stuck between being my parent’s child and being a grown woman. I was able to get my career on track, unclutter my head, and get my own goals organized and initiated. I came out of my depression, I lost weight and got more healthy, I grew brave in the face of all my fears and I fell in love. Thank you so much for showing me that I already had everything I needed to be a success in my life. It is very empowering to know that the path I have chosen to take was the perfect path for me." – Dr. J. Clarfield-Henry

Introducing Lise Janelle

Dr. Lise Janelle is the creator of the Heart Freedom Method, a powerful mind-body tool that helps you find and dissolve self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs and patterns and unlock your full potential with a solid mindset. A lot of these beliefs you don’t even know you have, but they become clear to you when doing the Heart Freedom Method.

Lise is currently co-writing her third book, Unstuck, with Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Success Principles, and our Effortless Success personal learning course. Their new book is based on the Heart Freedom Method.

Since age 23 Lise has been a successful business owner first as a holistic chiropractor for over 22 years, ranking in the top 10% earners in Canada, and since 2004 a fulltime coach. She founded the Centre for Heart Living in Toronto, which is dedicated to helping people experience true success with their overall life, not only their career.

She authored You are Loved and Conversations with the Heart, and she feels very fortunate to be part of the Transformational Leadership Council, which is where we first met in July 2008. She was also a Canadian, Ontario and Henley Rowing Champion and has done many crazy fun things like hiking up Kilimanjaro and “La Haute Route” in the Swiss Alps.

“Dr. Lise Janelle has helped me break through some of my subconscious limiting beliefs that I didn’t even know I still had. She is literally magical. She’s a fabulous coach. She has a technology that is so amazing in terms of breaking through the blocks that we don’t even know we have.  She can help you move through those blocks better than anyone I know on the planet. That’s why I am co-authoring a new book with her called Unstuck.” – Jack Canfield

How it Works

We were together live twice a week for three weeks in six interactive sessions.

You can approach the Heart Freedom – Epic Success program with one major goal or situation in mind or a series of them. Simply come knowing the direction you want to head.

Then, during the first session, Lise will give you the basic understanding behind the method and help you zero in on a belief that stands in the way of your success. She’ll guide you slowly through the Heart Freedom Method so the belief and its related fears quickly dissolve.

During the second session she will select a volunteer to lead through the process. You’ll see how it works right before your eyes. Then she will lead you through the method.

During the third, fourth, and fifth sessions, she will lead you through the method multiple times so you can handle beliefs and fears from many perspectives.

During the final session, she’ll lead you through one more session, and set you up for doing it yourself whenever you’d like to in the future. Of course, you will have the video recordings in your Library, so you’ll always be able to revisit any of the sessions.

"The help of Dr. Lise methods has brought clarity to my life. I have more focus, motivation, inspiration and peace in all aspects of my work and personal relationships. It is so fast and effective simply because our bodies know the answer to the question your mind hasn’t processed yet. It continues to amaze me how much better I feel after each week." – Wendy Gibson, Co-Executive Director, CANNP

How to Order

You will have immediate access to all of the recordings in your online digital Library.

Heart Freedom–Epic Success Digital Video Course
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Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

Go through the entire program. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience you may request a full and complete refund of everything you paid. Simply let us know within 30 days.

"Dr. Lise’s program has unlocked my self-love and self-acceptance… We may all wish for that fairy tale story, but the true story is finding fulfillment within ourselves. I’m eternally grateful for your support and guidance.” – Ryan K, Project Analyst

Average Life or Epic Success?

If you do not want just an average life… If you are inspired by the idea of bringing out your best self… Then join Heart Freedom – Epic Success today.

Lise Janelle will help you get rid of the self-sabotaging beliefs that presently hold you back from your GREATNESS and your ability to live connected to your HEART so you can have EPIC SUCCESS!

She says, “As human beings we can live our lives through three main modes: our mind, our emotions, and our heart.  Most people are unaware they are living from their negative programming and emotions, creating the thoughts that then drive those emotions even more. They keep you stuck in unending cycles that take you further and further away from your inner peace, love, happiness, and true life success.”

For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette

“I feel like I accelerated my life’s transformation by at least a few years. I feel more peace, lightheartedness, appreciation, and love for where I’m at. I also have a clear inspiring action plan which I am pumped to integrate and execute. I’m so grateful for all her love, wisdom and guidance. Thank You, thank you, thank you.” – Andrea Parker

Heart Freedom–Epic Success Digital Video Course
6 payments of $25.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!