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Program #1  Living the Law of Attraction

Program #2 Abundance for Life

Program #3 Rapid Reading Made Easy

Program #4 Happiness Generator

For all four of these programs you will receive the following in your online digital Library:
  • Curriculum plans – which many of you have requested.
  • Outlines – allowing you to have a starting point, once you get started it’s easy!
  • Techniques – Paul is as much of a master as I am when it comes to getting effective results.
  • Experiential exercises – You can never have enough of these.
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentations – Saving you tons of time and energy and money.
  • Promotional copy ideas – allowing you to have more of a business in a box!
  • 12 recorded group coaching sessions with Paul Scheele – allowing you to see things through a different lens.
  • Permission to use the copyrighted materials – a MAJOR PLUS.
Your four sets of curriculum will be immediately available in your online digital Library at www.LearningStrategies.com.

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Abundance for Life, Happiness Generator, Living the Law of Attraction, & Rapid Reading Made Easy Curriculums with Coaching (Digital)
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Your four sets of curriculum will be immediately available in your online digital Library. Order by November 18, 2019 to receive the special pricing, Paul's bonus webinar, and 200 Paraliminals.