Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence with Shelly Lefkoe

Brand-new program:  Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence

with our brand-new mentor Shelly Lefkoe

It is time to eliminate the beliefs that cause issues and block success and happiness.

Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence (Digital)
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Shelly LefkoeWe are thrilled to invite you into our brand-new program Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence with our brand-new mentor Shelly Lefkoe.

Shelly is a lifelong master of eliminating beliefs and emotional conditioning, I’ve known her personally for 17 years, and she is the absolute best to help you be free of the deep-seated assumptions that rule and limit your life.

Just read a few of these stories:

Gordon wrote:

“Money was always an issue in my life.  I came from lack and believed that money was for others and not me. 

“My lack of confidence kept me from asking to be paid what I was worth, and as a result I never had the freedom to travel and have the things that I wanted. 

“I hated dating because I couldn’t afford to take women out the way I wanted to. 

“After eliminating my beliefs with Shelly, I gained the confidence to sell myself and started getting paid for my work!  I am not only out of debt but dating a fabulous woman and we are in the process of planning a trip to Europe.  Something I never dreamed would happen.  Thank you thank you.”

Jim, owner of architectural firm, wrote:

"I have enough confidence in what I'm doing that I no longer fear rejection. I used to always worry about upsetting the apple cart. I was unsure of myself, afraid of rejection. I took everything personally, which got in the way of getting more business. I was frequently afraid to act. Now, when I think about doing things, I usually just do them. Either I'm not uncomfortable or, when I am, the feeling no longer stops me. I have enough confidence in what I’m doing that I no longer fear rejection. I had talked about opening a new office for years but hadn't. Now I have and it's led to a lot more business for us."

Terry Shull from Seattle, Washington wrote:

“The last few months since eliminating my beliefs has been the very best time of my life.

“I noticed that I was hardly ever critical of others anymore, but suddenly I found myself being sincerely empathetic to the feelings of others. I find myself able to trust what others say and do — that's a first.

“My grown children and I are having sincere, loving communications—I am telling them I love them, and they are saying the same thing!!

“Best of all, the petty arguments my wife and I have been having has diminished dramatically and we are spending lots of time talking and really listening to each other.

“People ask me what I'm doing—that I seem different. And I am—delightfully different!! I like myself and others.

“The anxiety I have lived with for so long has been replaced with sincere feelings of caring and empathy for others.

“There is no way to thank you for this miracle.”

Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence

Shelly’s system for eliminating beliefs is called the Lefkoe Method. In the 10 sessions of this new program, she’ll lead you through using the method to eliminate the most potent, life-blocking beliefs on the spot.

The Lefkoe Method is not one of the superficial ways often used to deal with beliefs. While other methods can make you feel better for a little while, we take you through a process that changes how you think and feel for decades.

Session 1
Silencing the Inner Critic

Have you ever heard a critical voice within telling you what's wrong with you?  Even when we succeed at silencing it for a while, it tends to come back like a boomerang with more negative judgments about how we aren't enough.  In this first session, you'll take the first step towards silencing the inner critic so you can have more genuinely positive feelings about yourself.

Session 2
Discover that YOU Matter

When a friend asks for a favor, you are there for them because they are important to you.  But when it comes to taking care of you, you falter.  The desires of others come ahead of your own leaving some of your deepest needs unmet.  When you work through the beliefs in this part of the program, you more easily take care of yourself.  You become more important to yourself.  You will also feel important whether you are as wealthy or successful as others.

Session 3
The Low Ability Beliefs

Does negative feedback send you into a spiral of self-pity or does it cause you to up your game?  When we have the low ability beliefs even well-meaning feedback from others can infect our minds and stop us cold.  Once these beliefs are removed, we're able to make use of feedback.  It stops feeling so negative and starts to feel like useful information.  It will allow you to grow and move ahead in life. 

Session 4
The Fear of Failure Beliefs

When we fear failure, we can avoid taking on challenges that could make a big difference in our lives. Starting a new business. Playing a new sport.  Learning a language.  We know our lives would be richer if we took on that project, we dream about but the fear holds us back.  Once you complete this session, failure will no longer inspire fear.  In fact, it will feel almost neutral.  Instead, you'll be curious when things you try don't work and you'll want to figure out how to make them better.

Session 5
The Lack of Intelligence Beliefs

Do you ever turn away from a challenge when you realize you won't be good at it right away?  You might learn to dance or sing or play a musical instrument or speak in public or write a book.  But often beliefs about our intelligence stop us cold.  After you change these beliefs, when a task gets hard, instead of turning away, you'll turn towards the challenge with a sense of optimism.  You'll assume you can figure it out and so you will.

Session 6
The Victim Beliefs

When situations get out of our control, it's so easy to feel like a victim of circumstance.  The mind can go to a place of "Who is to blame?" instead of "What can I do?"  When these beliefs are gone, you'll feel empowered to act even when so much is beyond your influence.  You'll take even the smallest choices and use them to your advantage.

Session 7
The Low Self-Value Beliefs

Do you ever assume people won't care about you and your feelings?  As a result, you may put off expressing yourself and your needs.  When you rid yourself of the low self-value beliefs, you'll feel that what you want, feel, and think are important regardless of how others respond.

Session 8
The Self-Consciousness Beliefs

When we worry about what others think, often we don't feel free to just be ourselves.  A little part of us is concerned about what everyone else will say about what we do.  When you get rid of the self-consciousness beliefs, that inner chatter quiets and the desire to do what makes you happy becomes a driving force in your life.

Session 9
The Ability Hole

Are you constantly trying to fill the ability hole? You've always got another book to read, or course to take before you're ready to fully pursue your goals.  "Just one more and I'll finally go for it," you tell yourself.  The problem is it's never enough.  Meanwhile, months and years pass without much real progress.  When you learn to fill this ability hole, you'll be able to take your next steps without having to wait until your knowledge and skills are complete.  You can start pursuing your dream today.

Session 10
The Fear of Criticism

When we fear criticism, or rejection often we shy away from doing anything that might reveal that we're less than perfect.  As a result, our life gets smaller.  We end up with regrets about all the things we could have done but didn't bother to try.  You will learn how to transform criticism from a feared experience into a non-event.  It will no longer provoke anxiety.  You'll be free.

The Lefkoe Method changes lives, and we are lucky to have one of the two originators with us for this program. Here’s what Carol wrote as result of following the Method:

“I was depressed and disliked by my staff.  I was angry all the time and as a result I was not very nice to people.  I had few friends and no relationship.  I dated a guy for years who would not marry me and I settled for all of his selfishness.

“All of these things have changed. 

“My depression is gone and I am off all medication.  My staff and I have a great relationship.  I am no longer angry and as a result much more patient at work.  I had the courage to end the relationship with Mr. Stingy and met a man shortly thereafter, and we are now happily married and I have two stepsons that I adore.

“I used to have beliefs that I did not deserve to make a lot of money, and that it was a ‘sin’ to be wealthy. Consequently, I was always getting paid at the bottom salary level for my work in the nonprofit world. All that has changed. Through working with the Lefkoe Method - particularly with Shelly Lefkoe - I now make over $100,000 a year plus bonuses. My last jump in salary was 64%.    My beliefs have changed and so has my life. I am the creator and this is what I have created.”

About Eliminating Beliefs

The sessions will be highly experiential, which means you will be eliminating beliefs right then and there. You should notice changes in your life immediately.

Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence (Digital)
10 payments of $44.00
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It's Risk Free!

Order the program for 10 payments of $44, and it comes with a 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

Annabel wrote:

“I suffered from anxiety.  I woke up every day anxious with a pit in my stomach dreading the day.  Now, after eliminating all of my self-esteem beliefs and beliefs about life, I have a new lease on life.  I counted 30 days with no anxiety, and then Shelly told me to stop looking for it!  I did and it’s gone.  I feel like a new person.  I face the day with no fear, and I just got the job of my dreams.  I’m willing to take risks and make mistakes now.  I’m comfortable meeting new people for the first time.  This method was the best thing I ever could have done for myself.”

Limiting Beliefs are the cause
of most of our problems

And being free of limiting beliefs and emotional conditioning changes everything. The Lefkoe Method shows you how to unlearn what you’ve learned in the past that keeps you stuck today.

That is why it’s possible to make lasting change. You unlearn the old, instead of learning new things that don’t stick. And that allows you to build a new house with a firm foundation that can weather any storm. You get change that lasts.

What don’t you like about your life? What would you like to improve? What bold dream would you like to achieve? It’s all possible. You just need to raise your hand and be ready for change. Order Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence today.

Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence (Digital)
10 payments of $44.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!

Donna wrote:

“I had the good fortune of being asked to participate in one of the top real estate expos in the country, but even so, my sales were nowhere near the other top sellers.  I had a session that helped me realize that I was being held back because I felt that I was unworthy of having higher sales and unworthy of being successful.  The following weekend, I increased by sales by ten-fold with over $450,000 in sales and I went on to becoming one of the top selling speakers in my industry.”

“I also lost over 50 pounds!

“I am a firm believer in your system—that you can create your own life by identifying and eliminating false beliefs that are holding you back.”

Eliminating Beliefs Reclaiming Confidence