Effortless Abundance by Paul R. Scheele

Effortless Abundance

Stop your conscious mind's feeble attempt to control your life.

In Paul's "Effortless Abundance" video, he will help you use a powerful way of thinking to break free from self-imposed limitations.

If you don't have wealth, you've buried it!

Could false beliefs be keeping you in a run-down apartment instead of a mansion on the boulevard?

Could deep seated fears be hiding abundance from you?

Over the last thirty years Paul Scheele has become the master of the mental makeover. He knows what stops people and what propels people.

Today Paul is only in the office a few days out of the month. The rest of the time he's traveling the world working with masters in many fields. He's studying their thought processes, their ways of thinking, their strategies for success.

He knows, for example, that most people play the Game of Money, where everything is about money, money, money.

But! The wealthiest people on the planet -- and the happiest -- do not play this game at all. Their lives revolve around Conscious Creation, which is a life changing distinction that Paul helps you understand on "Effortless Abundance."

It will help you make today better than yesterday ...
and tomorrow better than today ...
and next month better than this month...

This may be an even bigger secret than the Law of Attraction.

In the ideal world ...

You get to spend one-on-one time with masters such as Paul Scheele. You learn what they learn. You experience what they experience. You absorb everything you can from them to help make your life extraordinary in the ways you want your life extraordinary.

If you can't be with them in person, be with them in any way possible. That's the beauty of videos and audio sets.

With "Effortless Abundance," you get to sit with Paul in front of you on your television or computer. You get to learn ways that make abundance so effortless for some, but so elusive for others, or even a struggle.

You can absorb Paul's teachings from this empowering video with more than a dozen special features that work directly with your genius mind. You can watch it over and over -- as many times as you need -- until it sinks in. Until you truly get that the secret to wealth is knowing where your true power resides and knowing how to access your inner wisdom.

And when you need help, you can call our success coaches or visit our online discussion forums.

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