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Intuition is duty-bound to be
your Inner Advocate

This means it MUST always operate for your highest good.

It has no choice but to deliver the utmost value to you.

You are obligated to open the channels of communication and listen

This means you MUST figure out how to listen to your intuition; otherwise, you will miss the power it is designed to bring to you.

The purpose of intuition is to speak up for your best interests, guide you, and protect you.

It has a duty to do so. It cannot sit by and watch. It cannot operate from fear. It must speak for your highest and best good. That’s the way our body-mind-spirit works. Period.

AND, you have to figure out what it is saying. It is up to you.

How do you sense your intuition?
What is it telling you?
How do you know you’ve understood?
Then what?

That’s the thrust of Paul Scheele’s brand-new Deep Listening program that begins on May 21.

Made up of a series of 20-minute video segments, Deep Listening is designed to help you both perceive and apply your Inner Advocate.

It’s there to help you in your work so that you perform extraordinarily…

It’s there to help you have ideal relationships… to enjoy abundance and wealth… to experience robust health…

It’s there to help you sort out conflicting signals and misinformation… to give you loud warnings as well as subtle whispers.

So next time you feel that tug, that inexplicable pause, perhaps it's your Inner Advocate (your Inner Best Friend) tapping you on the shoulder, asking you to listen, to pause, and to trust.

Paul Scheele will help deepen your relationship with your intuition for real-world results.

In these 20-minute sessions he will give you the direction you need to get this essential guidance. He’ll do it through a stellar lineup of tools he’s gained from his decades of working with the subconscious and nonconscious mind—your gateway to your intuition.

Paul R. Scheele, PhD, master of the genius inner mind, used his intuition to develop many of the programs at Learning Strategies. And his brand-new Deep Listening is ready to help you with everyday practical activities such as…

Decision Making, especially when faced with complex or uncertain situations where limited information is available.

Creativity and Innovation by offering unconventional insights and ideas that may not arise through purely analytical or logical thinking.

Rapid Assessment & Risk Management for fast-paced environments and emergency situations.

Pattern Recognition even when the underlying logic is not apparent.

Social Interactions so you pick up on subtle cues, emotions, and intentions of others.

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery to tap into your inner wisdom and navigate life's challenges with greater insight and authenticity.

Are you seeing how this course is about so much more than simply a “hunch” or a “gut feeling?”

Deep Listening begins on May 21. Enroll right now for four easy payments of $25.
(Or, you can save a little bit and go with one payment of $97.)

Each day for 20 days a new video session will appear in your online digital Library. Watch it. Explore how to bring the day’s teaching into your life.

Do one a day. Or even every other day if you’d like more time to play with the teachings. But…resist binge-watching. The value comes as you do a 20-minute session with Paul and allow it to unfold in your day-to-day life.

If you have questions or if you would prefer to enroll over the telephone, please call us at 1-952-767-9800 during business hours in the Central Time zone.

Deep Listening will be fun to move through and immensely practical. And if you don’t find it worth every nickel, you’ll have 30 days to request a full refund.

I love how Paul calls intuition your Inner Advocate, because it helps you realize intuition is more than a nudge. It is something active within. Like a private activist taking a stand for you in the best way possible. Your potential is limitless when you acknowledge your intuition as a more-than-capable partner in your life. Get yourself enrolled right now for four easy payments of $25. (Or, you can save a little bit and go with one payment of $97.)