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Which one of these seven statements
describes you much more
than the remaining six?

  1. I use words and ideas to influence others.
  2. I tend to leave it to others to come up with ideas.
  3. I prefer traditional or conventional ideas.
  4. I am always jumping to the newest thing or idea.
  5. I organize and label everything! I like to follow procedures.
  6. I can be extraordinarily focused on my own ideas or those of my idol or mentor.
  7. I have an abundance of ideas.
Dear Friend,

You should have found one of them to be spot on. It's part of a Code for what is happening in your life on the "mental" level. Recognizing it and knowing what to do about it can change your life… completely.

Can you guess which one describes me? Of course, it's #1. Do you see how I turned it into something that has a powerful impact in the world? Every day I'm writing words and sharing ideas to help you—and hundreds of thousands of others—reach your full potential.

There's also a negative aspect to the Codes above. For someone else, #1 could very well read "I use words to get my way and to control others." Can you see the negative side of yours?

So the question is: which is dominant in your life?

You can learn to take your Mental Code, turn it into a positive attribute, embrace it in your life, and make it much easier to connect with your soul… easier to let your soul drive your life instead of everything else pushing you here and dragging you there… easier to know when you're living to your purpose.

Marie Diamond calls these the Spiritual Codes. They are connected with a particular way of being, which includes your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When you know your Spiritual Codes, you understand what you have been up to, where you are going, and—more importantly—where you could be going in your ideal life.

The secrets of the seven Spiritual Codes

Each of the seven Spiritual Codes is known by one of the beautiful colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

Each has a keyword or main theme. The Red Code is will, as in resolution or conviction. The Orange Code is service. The Yellow Code is creativity. The Green Code stands for balance. The Blue Code is knowledge. The Indigo Code is devotion. And for the Violet Code, the main theme is magical order.

In Marie's new Spiritual Codes course, you will learn each Code in detail, exploring their influences on your life.

You will hear stories to help you understand the impact each Code can have and help you recognize a Code in yourself.

Being under the influence of the Codes is not optional.

Their influence is there whether or not you choose to work with them. This is sacred knowledge you can use for a breakthrough in your life—use to support your hopes and dreams.

Marie will lead you in simple, yet powerful, meditations to activate each Code's vibration so that you can live to its potential. The meditations and a brand new Paraliminal session give you opportunities to find what Codes resonate with you, helping to confirm whether a particular Code is yours—or not.

With this information you will gain clarity about your life, which can alleviate personal suffering and other emotional burdens and help you be more successful.

With this information you will uncover the light within as well as your connection to the universe. You will understand the truth of the journey you are on.

Marie Diamond is #2, an Emotional Orange Code

I mentioned that you have a Mental Code. You also have an Emotional Code.

If I were to write a list of seven statements about the Emotional Codes, the more negative side of #2, which is represented by the color orange, would be "I am so focused on others' needs, I do not take care of my own." Here is Marie's personal story:

"When I started offering my services, I did not set a fee. I told my people, 'Pay me whatever you want.' At that time, I felt my rate should be $12.50 an hour. But I did not say that. I said, 'Give whatever you want.'

"So of course I got lots of people who did not want to pay. Too many people. I became exhausted and stressed. One day, somebody came and offered me two pounds of coffee beans. She offered coffee beans—and I accepted them as payment! I do not even drink coffee! I am allergic to it. That was the last straw. I crashed.

"I sat in meditation. I connected with my spirit and asked, 'Is this the way I am supposed to serve the world?' The answer I received was quite clear. I had to ask for what I wanted. It was time to express the value of my service and establish my boundaries. It was hard to even think about doing that. $12.50 per hour! That seemed like so much at the time. Some people would not be able to afford it. I felt so guilty.

"Oh, the Orange Code emotional people. We are so often on that guilt trip. But I did not want coffee beans anymore. I was absolutely sure about that.

"So what happened when I set the boundary of payment? My external situation changed. I lost all of my current clients—the ones who wanted to pay in coffee beans and pennies. Scary, right? But the Universe was at work. Somebody referred me to a new client who called and asked 'Are you still doing your sessions?'

"I said, 'Yes, but I have to tell you that the fee is $12.50 an hour.'

"I felt so bad saying that. It took a lot of courage and determination.

"But she said, 'That is fine.'

"She came, I worked with her, and she paid me $25! She was so phenomenally happy with what I shared with her that she paid me twice what I asked. I was through the crisis. I had learned to manage my Emotional Orange Code. It was absolutely wonderful. Afterwards, I overcame more of the challenging aspects related to my Spiritual Codes about money, and I am now paid many thousands of dollars for my advice.

"When you learn to infuse your day to day personality with the light and energy of your spirit, you will find these aspects that caused so much trouble before are now your greatest assets. They are also clues to help you on your path to your unique purpose in this lifetime."

Three distinct categories of Spiritual Codes

Your Personality Codes relate to your personal existence. Your Soul Code and your Monad Code both relate to your spiritual existence.

You will come to know the role of your three personality levels (mental, emotional, and physical) as you go through your new Spiritual Codes personal learning course.

Your personality is how you come across in everyday life, how you operate each day, how you show yourself to the world. Sometimes your personality is operating in harmony with your spirit, and sometimes it is not. In this course:

You will learn how to align your personality with your spirit

Each of the three levels of the personality has its own Code—remember my Mental Code was a #1 (Red) and Marie's Emotional Code #2 (Orange). These Codes compel you to attract certain situations and lessons—again and again and again and again.

You will learn your Personality Codes, how to change their day to day patterns, and how to embody who you truly are at the very core of your being.

This changes everything. This makes life easier. This ensures you are living from your spirit.

You will learn to recognize the voice of your spirit

Your spirit is made up of your monad and your soul. The monad is where all life force comes from, and your soul is the bridge to the completeness of your spirit. While you may not fully understand the differences right now, suffice it to know that the monad and soul each have a Spiritual Code. When you understand these two codes, you will see how your soul seeks to bring you to enlightenment, and what gifts await when you connect with your highest levels of consciousness.

Marie and I share the same Monad Soul, which can be described as "manifesting a higher order for the world." No wonder we work so closely together!

We have different Soul Codes. Marie's can be described as "discoverer and true educator." Mine can be described as "creating extraordinary design." Can you see how our two Soul Codes greatly support each other?

Are you allowing the vibration of
your spirit to steer your life?

Or is your personality in charge?

Are you allowing your personality to take control of your mind, your emotions, and your physical actions? That's when the negative side of the Mental Code from the above list of seven takes over. Or the negative side of your Emotional Code or Physical Code.

Would it be better if your spirit directed your mind, emotions, and physical actions?

Here's a poignant example from Marie about someone whose Physical Code was strangling his life…

"I worked with a young man who lived deeply in the dark energy of his Violet Physical Code. (That Code could be described on the extreme as 'prefers darkness, chaos, and violence.')

"His room was painted completely black. He wore only black clothes. He was up all night playing violent video games, and he slept all day. He had placed dark symbols and words all around his room.

"When I was asked to their home to consult with them, his mother told me she did not know what to do with him anymore. I told her, 'Buy a flower pot with one rose in it, a single white rose, and place it in his room.'

"I told the young man, 'I know you think you are doing great, but this is not order. This is chaos. Your brain is in such a low vibration. If you keep going this way you will die.'

"And he said 'Yeah. I really want to die.'

"He was to that extreme point already. He had started to become a zombie.

"I asked him to take five minutes every day to look at the white rose and notice how that rose was opening up.

"He said, 'That is easy. I can do that. I have taken pills. I have gone to a psychiatrist. But this is easy. I'll try it.'

"I said, 'Promise me?' He promised. A week later he had painted his room. A month later he was going out during the day. And a few months later he had a job. It was so very simple.

"By focusing on the white rose and that little bit of beauty, that little bit of soul-light, it started taking over. And very soon, the light started spreading and spreading and he cleaned up his whole life."

In Marie's Spiritual Codes course, you will learn how to overcome any crisis that your Personality Codes wreak in your life.

When you let your personality run the show,
life does not flow as well

You find yourself in crisis. But when you allow your spirit to guide you, you can deal calmly and effectively with any challenge, because you are living in concert with your heart's purpose.

Let's look at some other examples that show you how life suffers when your Personality Codes dominate in day-to-day life.

When the personality is in charge, a Red Code personality will manipulate others. An Orange Code is apt to abuse alcohol or food or relationships. Yellow Codes obstinately believe they are always right. Green Codes cannot find balance, change jobs often, and are subject to mood swings. Blue Codes get stuck and lose track of what is important. Indigo Codes may be fanatic followers. Violet Codes can be drawn to dark energy.

But when the codes of your spirit, the Monad Code and Soul Code, are dominant, those challenging or negative personality traits transform into positive assets that help achieve your soul purpose instead of leading you off track.

Manipulation turns to positive persuasion. Mood swings become sustained enthusiasm. These new characteristics will propel you to your full and highest potential. All through the expert guidance of Marie Diamond in the new Spiritual Codes course.

Order your Spiritual Codes today!

Your new course will include 8 CDs and a manual with charts and worksheets to help you determine your Spiritual Codes and how to deal with them in your life. You'll receive a step-by-step plan to take you into the weeks and months to come after you finish the recordings.

Plus, as one of the first to order the course, you will be invited to a free follow-up teleseminar later this spring to ask Marie questions about what you learned in the course. You are also welcome to post in our forum, call in, or email and talk with one of our coaches who have been trained in the Spiritual Codes.

For today's introduction of the new Spiritual Codes course, you may purchase it for 8 payments of $35.

The CDs and manual will be shipped to your home. If you order the digital version of the course, you will have immediate access to the full program through our digital online Library system.

If for any reason you do not find Spiritual Codes an invaluable addition to your personal growth library, you may return it within a month for a full refund.

When you know your Spiritual Codes,
you understand your innate drive

You uncover a deep understanding of your life leading to great professional rewards and immense personal satisfaction.

After all, when you are in alignment, everything in life supports you. Things fall into place. It is easier to solve problems, stay motivated and upbeat, and enjoy life. But when you are out of alignment, nasty struggles, crises, and difficulties rise up. All because of what is driving you on a deep spiritual level.

That is not to say you could not do well without knowing this information, but your levels of satisfaction and joy, the ease through which you move through your day, can be greatly increased by applying the simple strategies you will learn with Marie in her new Spiritual Codes.

One of the first ahas you will get in the course…

… is that when you interact with people from your personality, it tends to trigger their personality.

Then the two of you get more and more negative as you both spiral downward. It's astonishing to see.

When you interact with people from your soul, you're most likely to reach a higher place in them, even if they are operating from their personality. You will learn to trigger a person's higher self from your higher self, you will know how to send that person and yourself into a positive upward spiral. It is a wonderful way to live.

When you then come across someone else who is in a crisis, you will know how to not add fuel to their crisis. Instead, you will know what words this person (your child, friend, colleague, acquaintance) needs to hear to get out of their crisis. It feels magical. But it really is because you know how they are designed.

As with all that you get from us here at Learning Strategies, you are getting information that is not readily found in the world, you are getting instruction and mentoring through a true master of the work, and you are getting the support and expertise of an organization dedicated to helping you maximize your full potential.

Thank you for reading my letter to you, and thank you for ordering Marie's new course today.

For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette

PS. Peel away another layer of resistance in your life as you add another layer of mastery through understanding how the Spiritual Codes come into play in your life.

If you have any questions, please write back or give us a call. We are proud of this new course that our team created with Marie Diamond. We have spent five years sculpting it into a course we sincerely believe will provide you with immense value.

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