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How to shift your mood, or change your state of mind in 12 seconds

This may be the biggest breakthrough for us in the 21st century.

The idea that you can shift your mood nearly instantly… you can reset your state of mind in seconds… is something that so many have dreamed of. And Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D. figured it out for you with the brand-new Resets.

"After a long and unusually warm day I came home exhausted... right away I tried the 'Radiance Reset'. The result was really astonishing! My energy was back. Normally I would be so tired that I just don't like to eat, but after listening I jumped on my bike to get me some ingredients for a fresh and healthy salad. I prepared it with pleasure, and enjoyed the meal. The rest of the evening I kept a deep feeling of radiance from a source deep within me. Amazing!!!"
– Caroline Welman, The Netherlands

So simple:

1) Select the frame of mind you want. Choose from: "Calm," "Focus," "Success," "Adventurous," or "Radiance."

2) Use the appropriate Reset.

Phase One – Listen to the 12-minute version of the Reset and you're in the new state of mind. It uses our Paraliminal technology.

Phase Two – Once you've conditioned your mind, use the 5-minute version of the Reset to get into the new state of mind much quicker. (It will take anywhere from five to twenty uses of the 12-minute version to be ready for the 5-minute version.)

Phase Three - Once you've conditioned your mind a little further, you can shift your state in 12 seconds. (Again, it will probably take five to twenty uses of the 5-minute version to be ready for the 12-second Reset.)

Take control of your own condition

What do you do when you are agitated and need to be calm?

What do you do when you feel scattered and need to be focused?

What do you do when someone dumps on you at work and you need to feel successful?

If you're like most people, you end up spinning your wheels in the state that doesn't get you anywhere.

Since your state of mind is vital to getting what you want from life, wouldn't it be ideal to figure out how to take control of your state of mind?

Luckily it is not about wrestling for control. It's a lot easier than that. It is about resetting your state of mind, and that's exactly what our new Resets program helps you do.

The Resets guide you to being able to shift your state of mind in 12 seconds. This is a non-basic skill that everyone needs to learn. Think of how much better life could be if you could shift your mood, or change your state of mind near instantly. What could it mean to your professional success, your relationships, your health, your personal growth?

Eyes Opened or Eyes Closed

There are two types of the 12-minute versions: 1) one you use with your eyes closed like a classic Paraliminal, and 2) one you use with your eyes open. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to use in many situations.

The 5-minute version can be used with your eyes opened or eyes closed. This way you can listen as you head to an important meeting.

"I needed to challenge myself and listened to 'Focus'. I had specific 'chores' I had put off all summer. In just a few days after listening I had decluttered several rooms, completed a long to-do list before my trip, organized personal growth activities to be used while away, and packed a day early (usually last minute). The 'Focus Reset' was very helpful in a very short time."
– Cherel Wayte, Redding, California

5 Resets for 5 frames of mind

Let's look at the five Resets that correlate to the five frames of mind...

>> Calm

Use this Reset for peace, serenity, inner quiet, and harmony.

It is not about vegging out, but about being present, relaxed, whole, and alert.

Calm is for when…

  • you feel anxious, agitated, troubled, or disturbed…
  • emotions are getting to you…
  • you are going into a stressful situation…
  • things aren't going right…
  • you need to find your happy place…
  • you feel incomplete, saddened, or off center…
  • there is high energy, an adrenaline rush, or even chaos…
(And, we suspect this Reset leads to longevity.)

>> Focus

Use this Reset when you need to be engaged in something, totally absorbed, assured, decisive, focused, strong, sharp, purposeful, and committed.

Focus is for when…

  • you feel frazzled and scattered…
  • everything is moving quickly, and you feel out of control…
  • you are not accomplishing goals…
  • waffling and indecision come up…
  • you need to be at the top of your game…
  • you feel unengaged…
  • there's too much time spent spinning your wheels.

You need a good dose of Focus when you need to do a task whether a report at work, changing an electrical outlet at home, or even just figuring out your new smartphone.

>> Success

When you want to be successful, abundant, recognized, admired, praised, proud, or satisfied, use this Reset.

Just before you get off the bus or out of the car at work, do this Reset. It will set you in the ideal frame of mind to be the best you can.

It is a must to use before sales presentations, interviews, meetings with clients, negotiations, performance reviews—any and all important meetings. (The 5-minute Reset will do the trick!)

When things are not going right at work and you need a boost, Reset!

When you are feeling unappreciated or overworked, Reset!

Is it the first day at work? In a new class? Joining a book club? Volunteering? Attending a Learning Strategies event? Reset!

The Success Reset will help you live the best life you can.

>> Radiance

Here you reset your energy into a rejuvenated mood that lets your brilliance radiate, refreshing your body's vitality, and letting your inner beauty beam.

Use this Reset

When you simply want to feel good…

When you want to feel beautiful (guys, you too!)…

When you want to exude confidence…

When you would like to feel like a movie star, rock star, or sports star… Or like you just won the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, Oscar, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, or the heart of your love.

>> Adventurous

Use this Reset when you are ready to add spice to your life, have fun, or do something out of the ordinary.

Thinking about writing a book, playing the piano, remodeling your home, jumping out of a plane, heading to Vegas, getting serious about your Bucket List?

Are you single, attracted to someone, and need to take that first step?

Bored with your job? Thinking about something new or even school?

Adventurous is the Reset for when you want to step forward with your whole heart.

"This is amazing! I love the mood I'm in after every session, and it lasts throughout the rest of my day."
- Ken Nuehs, Austin, Texas

Get your own set

Your course is available as 5 CDs that we will ship to your home or as a digital version that you can instantly access through our online digital Library.

Most of our clients are now using the Library, and we highly recommend it. You can easily use any of the Resets while connected to the Internet on your computer or device, or you can download them.

There are no shipping charges (yippee!) when you order the digital version of the program and taxes only for people who live in our home state of Minnesota and our neighboring Wisconsin, home of our warehouse.

You will also receive a series of 10 coaching videos. In these brief videos of two to four minutes each, Paul Scheele gives you the inside secrets to help you get the most value from the Resets.

"I read an email from my toxic sister-in-law. What a downer. I felt so sorry and sad for her. I then used the 'Radiance Reset', and my mood shifted immediately. I love it!"
– Kris S., Minnesota

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Use the Resets as often as you'd like. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience, return them within 30 days for a complete refund of the purchase price.

Surprise Bonus!

There might be times you would prefer listening to a woman's voice rather than a man's voice. Or maybe you simply want to change things up.

We have you covered! You will receive a second set of Resets featuring our great friend Lisa Nichols. She's a New York Times bestselling author, a star of The Secret, and co-creator of our You Deserve It! Paraliminal. Her voice is velvet and divine.

You'll always have the choice between Paul or Lisa. What a sweet surprise bonus!! (By the way, if you order CDs, you will have to access Lisa's sessions in our online digital Library–we'll send you easy to follow instructions.) There is no additional charge for this bonus of Lisa Nichols.

To Recap the Resets

Use our brand new Resets to condition your mind, and then whenever you need to shift your mood:

1) Select the frame of mind you want. Choose from: "Calm," "Focus," "Success," "Adventurous," or "Radiance."

2) 12 seconds later you are living the new state of mind.

How awesome is that! It's a game changer. Life enhancer. Order your set today.

I do think you'll appreciate using the Resets.

For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette


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