Meditate with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Veda Bharati with Paul R. Scheele

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How 3 minutes of deep meditative experiences changed my life forever

Dear friend,

I want to share something with you that dramatically impacted my life. This is Paul Scheele, and here is my story.

I was kind of a twitchy nervous kid with a lot of internal stress

So…when I was 18 years-old, I attended a special presentation on meditation at the University of Minnesota. The teacher was a Sanskrit Scholar, one of the few in the world that read very ancient languages. He was a Brahman, a priest, from India living in Minneapolis with his family. I had studied Hatha Yoga, and I wanted to learn meditation to attain states of deep peace and calm me down.

He had us do a very simple meditation, and he asked how long we felt the meditation had lasted. I can tell you: I was sitting up and absolutely attentive to everything that happened. It felt like 10 minutes, but he said it had been 40! I had been in an incredible state of bliss for that entire time. I was sold. I immediately said, "Sign me up!" and began studying meditation.

I was a very disciplined student meditating for hours in the 5,000 year old tradition from the Himalayas called Raja Yoga or "the Royal Path of Yoga." My teacher was a student of Swami Rama of the Himalayas, who at one time held the highest holy position, the Shankaracharya, like the Pope in the Catholic Church.

After about eight years my practice dropped off. My lifestyle had changed with a wife and children, and I felt I didn't have time for all of the disciplines. I would occasionally go back to meditation now and then, especially when I was under stress, but mostly I drifted away from it.

Then I traveled to India

Time went on, and a few years ago I ended up in Rishikesh, India, listening to my original teacher, Swami Veda, from 32 years earlier. There, he said to me, once you've been initiated into this tradition none of your successes in life can be attributed to you. It's always from the lineage that's been supporting you since your initiation.

That hit me hard—it humbled me immediately

You see, shortly after beginning my meditation practice, the vision for Learning Strategies and Paraliminal technology came to me, even though the company didn't come into existence for another five years. Through Learning Strategies I have been able to develop a number of powerfully effective and transformational programs that have been well received by hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions.

But, according to the Himalayan yoga tradition, if I tried to claim my talents and successes as my own, I'm not authentically representing the genius that all of us can access. My success didn't come from me, but through me.

The Himalayan yoga meditations helped me connect with my passion and my purpose. This was very important, because when we are passionate about our purpose, everything we need—everything is given to us—everything.

Shortly after that trip to India, I did a Silence Retreat with my teacher. It was there that he said something else that completely blew my mind. And if I hadn't been in silence I would have jumped up yelling "What?!"

He said, for those of you who studied with me in the early days, 30 years ago, I want you to understand that we had a lot of disciplines for you to follow. And I want to tell you right now—forget about them.

He continued: You don't need long meditations to go to a deep place. It takes only three minutes.

He told us how to gain the benefits of a 30-minute meditation in three minutes! I did what he suggested, and I was delighted at how well it worked. I had instantaneous access to deep, deep inner peace. I knew right then that I had to help him get this information out, so, within in the week we were recording "Meditate with the Himalayan Masters."

This powerful series teaches you how to go into a deep place of meditation in just three minutes. And…in those three minutes you are not just doing this on your own.

You are literally meditating with Himalayan Masters that go back 5,000 years

Do you see why I'm so excited?! This is an easier and quicker way to connect with your passion and purpose! This incredibly deep state can be accessed while sitting in the parking lot at work so that you arrive refreshed and invigorated. You can listen to it literally any time.

Swami Veda and I recommend that you drop into the three minutes every few hours throughout your day. Initially, you'll want to use the recorded meditation on your iPod or computer or in your CD player. But since you are creating a groove that your mind can easily drop into, you'll soon not need the recording.

Here's how it works:

You'll receive four 30-minute meditations and seven 3-minute meditations on five CDs, all by Swami Veda, himself, as well as an introduction by Paul.

Listen to the first 30-minute meditation every morning for a week, and then one of the 3-minute meditations periodically throughout your day.

After the first week you won't have to listen to the 30-minute meditation any more, but you might be drawn to it occasionally. To help you with your personal growth, you can advance to deeper levels with the other three 30-minute meditations where Swami Veda will help you with increasing expansiveness and profound connection.

Why seven 3-minute meditations? So that you don't get bored. These different meditations support what you learn in the four longer meditations. It's a great balance. I think you'll like how we set it up.

It fits beautifully with other meditations

Yoga is not a religion, but a set of practices to help anyone on their path in life. And if you already meditate in any tradition, whether it's a Buddhist meditation, a Christian meditation, or a Spring Forest Qigong meditation, you will find that this set facilitates a deepening of your practice and your life.

It doesn't have to replace anything that you're doing. It's a deepening, making it much more available and accessible.

And with the uncertainty in the world today, I think you'll appreciate that the benefits of "Meditate with the Himalayan Masters" goes beyond tapping into the deep resources of your mind and the universe. It helps keep stress out of your life. After all…

The brain shuts down during stress

Your ability to function decreases, as well as your capability to learn when you are under stress. It becomes difficult to maintain focus, think clearly, and make good decisions. With these seven 3-minute meditations you'll be able to keep stress at bay, because all it takes is three minutes.

Even in a situation of extreme duress, you will be able to do something in just three minutes that shifts your state in a way that gives you what you want and need.

I am delighted that we have "Meditate with the Himalayan Masters" to offer you. Please order it right now. Try it out. If it is not everything that I say it is, return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

I know you will enjoy meditating with the Himalayan masters. Please write me and tell me about your experiences. I'd love to hear from you.

Most sincerely,
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Paul R. Scheele

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"I use a number of different programs for my own health, and I recently returned to Meditate with the Himalayan Masters. It was time, I found to get back to some of the basics and the Third Meditation was just what I needed. I felt as though the stress in my body melted. I like the others, especially alternate nostril breathing, but I return to the Third one because it feels so good." – Terri Holcombe, Sun City West, Arizona

"I am 66 years old and still working full time as a registered nurse. The changing computer programs, the personalities of the co-workers and patients, the work hours (12 plus ), a long commute, an aging husband requiring care giving, pets, maintaining my own spiritual, mental and physical balance!!!! I NEED Swami Veda. The outside world is daunting but it needs us to keep shining "the light". This program gave me that ability. Something happened last year that knocked me off my bearings but I will return to Swami Veda's program and regain my stability. Just thinking about it fills my heart with peace." – Beverly Compton, Kingman, Arizona

"A work colleague asked me what I had been doing lately. The reason, she said very honestly, was because ‘you are very calming and peaceful to be around now’. I have never in my life been told that I had a calming energy. I also feel that I am approaching each day in a more balanced manner and that has to be beneficial for my health and well being." – Karen Williams, Maitland, South Australia

"This course was undertaken with the full expectation, desire, and need and will to shift and transform to another level. This program perpetually shifts one's life, loves, perspective, desires, and capacity into a region of that of love. This program shifted me nearly always into a state of deep relaxation and / or sleep. So very grateful, more than these words can express. I feel much better about myself and the world. This program is a 100% blessing!!" – Karen H., Kalamazoo, Michigan

"Meditating is hard in the beginning. It is difficult to still the mind. This program with the background music and the guidance helps you to achieve peace - solitude and makes you aware of your body - breath. I think it is a great experience and a welcome addition to my collection." – Bill, Elk Grove, Illinois

"This is a great format for people to use a little or a lot. One feels that the purchase was well worth the money since these are recordings that you will go back to over and over. Effortless to use and gives great benefits." – Patricia O’Connor, New Jersey

"Listening to Swami Veda's voice was a great experience in itself. I could feel the power of his force and his background. The shorter versions were a treat. Some of them I am doing them without even listening to the CD's." – Steve Gambhir, Newport Beach, CA

"I've wanted to get back into meditation because I know of the benefits. I have found this meditation program the one I seem to resonate with the most. They are easy and deep and I like the addition of being able to do them for only 3 minutes throughout the day. It has helped me to get focused, be more relaxed and peaceful and more disciplined with really not a lot of effort because I enjoy doing the meditations and look forward to doing them." – Richard Bienvenu, New Orleans, LA