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What if you could develop superior mental powers similar to those from the greatest minds of mankind?

Only the Mozarts, Einsteins, and da Vincis—a microscopic sliver of the population—seem to use their brainpower efficiently.

So stupendous do their talents appear to the rest of us, that we look upon such geniuses as divinely gifted beings endowed with what appear to be supernatural powers.

But are geniuses really so different? You would hardly think it by looking at their school records or job histories.

Dr. Win Wenger's 30 years of study shows that genius is not a result of genetic superiority, but of a pattern of mental conditioning. Which means, genius is within your grasp.

What would it mean for you if you saw increases in your IQ, memory, learning capacity, mental quickness, intuition, and creativity?

We believe the possibilities are endless.

  • solve any problem
  • accelerate learning
  • recognize golden opportunities
  • supercharge your personal confidence

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