Receiving Bliss: Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection with Deirdre Hade

Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection

I asked Deirdre Hade, “What’s the difference between a spiritual connection and a deep spiritual connection?" And from my notes, this is what she said:

It feels like it is encompassing every part of your life.

It is omnipresent—you never do not sense it. You cannot escape from it. You do not want to escape from it. It is like being held and nurtured by something much greater than yourself.

“But what is it?” I asked.

It’s one of those unexplainable things, but let me try.

You feel a caring, kind, and benevolent presence around you all of the time, whether you are digging through boxes in a closet, picking up groceries, working at your desk, or sitting in meditation.

You feel totally and completely safe. You know everything is okay. You always feel hopeful.

You feel a lightness of being. You’re not feeling you are carrying around a burden or that a burden is just around the corner.

You have periods of spontaneous joy.

“What does it mean to your everyday life?” I asked.

You are simply happier. You attract goodness. Things just show up that you need or want. You have better relationships with everyone—foes suddenly become nice.

You have more energy and better health.

You feel calm and at peace no matter what is going on in your world.

“You mentioned health, and your new program is Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection. Can you really heal through a deep spiritual connection?” I asked.

Of course. Of course. Nothing is off limits. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions can be healed. I’ve seen it.


Of course. Absolutely! But usually not for most people, unless you can go so deep that everything changes nearly instantly. Most people require a shift in the way of their life, which gradually changes everything. That’s what we have been doing in the Receiving Bliss series. We’re waking up to the power of bliss.

“Okay, let’s talk about your newest Receiving Bliss program and the upcoming Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection. In the past, these programs have been a 90-minute session on four consecutive days. Walk us through the upcoming sessions, please.”

During Day 1 I’ll guide you through the four steps of Receiving Bliss. This will be a welcomed reminder for those coming back, and for new folks I’ll show you exactly how to bring the blissful, divine energy into your life.

I’ll help you anchor to the sweet spot of spiritual connection. This is a state of higher frequency where radiance flows. That’s the magic!

We’ll talk about how you can receive messages from the divine that are clear and unmistakable. These are messages from your spirit guides, guardian angel, saints, ascended masters, and any one of the unseen helpers that are out there ready to help you.

They are there for everyone—simply not for a chosen few.

“You said you will help us receive messages that are ‘clear and unmistakable.’ That’s huge. Most people find this challenging.”

Ah, yes. Part of the problem is that people have filters that say, “No not that,” or “That’s not what I want to hear,” or something else that pushes it away. We’ll be working on that throughout the week.

“Good. What will happen on Day 2?”

This is juicy, because we will clear the false voice of the ego that masks the spirit. Today is about letting through the true spiritual voice from the unseen helpers.

This is not just an energetic exercise. The neurological pathways that conduct spiritual energy will open so it becomes easier to receive the deep spiritual connections from spirit guides, angels, saints, and ascended masters.

“And then Day 3?”

We will set protection around your individual channels and pathways with the divine realms, so that no negativity makes its way in.

I will give you a set of three questions for the inner guides who appear to you. These will assure you that your guide is from the highest light.

I will tell you specifically what you do if a guide is not from the highest source. Perhaps it is from “thought forms,” or entities, or something from a deep place within your subconscious that is associated with past lives, or it could be a piece of the ego that snuck in.

You want to know HOW to read the messages you get and make sure they are all pure and on target. But know that if a message comes in that is not from your highest good, there is still a lesson for you, which will, 100% of the time, lead to higher energy when you address it.

“There’s a lot going on during this week.”

Absolutely. And that is why Day 4 will tie together everything from the first three days and show you how it all serves to open you up for self-healing of your body, mind, and spirit.

Day 4 shows you how you can use the light of bliss to heal yourself and everyone around you.

It is beautiful how it will all come together. That’s why I’m calling this special series Healing through Deep Spiritual Connection.

And, furthermore, I will share the steps for you to know that the bliss energy is working for you, and what to do if you hit a block.

“One of my favorite parts of your Receiving Bliss sessions this year has been the closed-eye journeys you bring us on. Will you continue with the journeys?”

Definitely. Definitely. My teachings will satisfy your conscious mind, but all of the work is done through the journey meditations. Every day we will experience a Radiance Journey.

They always get the highest ratings from my students, and I will lead you through powerful journeys each day. That is how you learn to enter the state of bliss at any time. This bliss gives you healing and deep spiritual connection.

Yes, we will journey together!!

Deirdre’s newest Receiving Bliss program begins on Monday, December 7. It is called Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection. Please join us.

How the newest Receiving Bliss will work

We’ll be using a live video stream, but you can choose to call in by phone. You can also follow along with the recordings if you cannot make the sessions live.

All sessions begin at 1:00 p.m. Central time. After the first session you’ll be able to submit questions for Deirdre.

The tuition for the new Receiving Bliss: Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection is 4 payments of $30. You are welcome to enroll right now.

Receiving Bliss: Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection Teleseminar
4 payments of $30.00
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Meet your mentor, Deirdre Hade

Deirdre Hade

Deirdre is a modern day mystic, poet and visionary leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions. Creator of “The Radiance Journey” a path to mystical knowledge, uniting soul purpose and mystery with everyday life.

Spiritual exploration is not just something to do on Sundays. It affects your everyday life, which means it needs to be part of everything. Deirdre understands this, which is why the benefits you experience in Receiving Bliss will be real and practical.

Deirdre first began to see energy at a very early age, but not until her mother, scientist and poet Katherine Blumer Hade, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer did Deirdre, at sixteen, begin to understand why. Together, the two women began developing a method of healing work based on divine light. This led her mother to live thirteen years longer than expected.

Tragedy is a wake-up call for so many, because often we are most open to the greater possibility when we are most vulnerable. This is what the world is experiencing now with the coronavirus and climate change. You are ready.

A pioneer in the art of spiritual dance, Deirdre first applied her gifts as a ballet dancer and choreographer. Recognized by Robert Joffrey for her fire and spirit, Deirdre’s dance company, “Celebrations of the Sacred,” performed under grants from the Mid-South and Tennessee Arts Council. She danced with the NYC Opera, choreographed for the Banff Center of Performing Arts, Opera Memphis, and Southern Opera Theater. As director of the Memphis Ballet Company, she created the first inner city ballet program teaching to disadvantaged youth. Deirdre choreographed and performed in Stephen Halpern’s, Summer Wind, the inaugurating video of the VH1 Channel.

Just as spiritual exploration cannot just be during personal time, it is not just in the mind. We need to bring it into our body. Deirdre’s dance experience brought that home for her.

At seventeen, she had a fortuitous meeting with Joseph Campbell, Hero with a Thousand Faces, that would set the course of her life’s work. Joseph Campbell convinced Deirdre to pursue the path of a mystic and to not go into anthropology as she had planned, saying, “It will ruin your gift. You already have what we are all looking for…”

I bet that if Joseph Campbell had told any of us something like that, our trajectory would be abundantly clear. How lucky she was! How lucky we are.

This same year Deirdre was given an unknown book, A Course in Miracles. She began studying the texts for hours on end. This, along with the southern gospel churches, gave her scientific mind a spiritual foundation (both of Deirdre’s parents were research scientists in biochemistry and physiology).

Deirdre’s search for self-discovery led her to be mentored over a lifetime by the elders and teachers in the mystical Christian tradition, the I Am Presence teachings, the Hindu Vedic tradition and Mussar and Lurianic Kabbalah, for which she has studied for over 20 years with two esteemed Rabbis.

We are all one. There is no us against them. Studying the various traditions allowed her to live the realization.

In 2004 Deirdre founded Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation as a form of energy healing mystical wisdom based on the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. Deirdre has given Radiance Journey healings and retreats to thousands throughout the country from The Omega Institute, The Kripalu Yoga Center, The ACADEMI of Life in New York City, The Evolutionary Healing Institute in Miami, Florida, to Sacred Space in Santa Barbara. Deirdre’s book, The (not so) Little Book of Surprises, released in 2016, was performed to a standing room only audience at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center.

Deirdre’s celebrity clients include Donna Karan, Barbra Streisand, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, John Gray, Sting, and Jack Canfield.

Jack introduced me to Deirdre in 2009 and recommended I do individual sessions with her. The first was so moving, I signed up immediately for a second and a third. And before you know it, we were creating her Pure Energy program to share with the world.

Her Radiance Pure Energy program of eight five-minute meditations we created with her has been sold in over 132 countries. In June she presented her first Receiving Bliss program to bring you Beyond overwhelm, chaos, and grief, in September she presented Become a Super Manifestor, and now starting on December 7 she presents Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection.

Deirdre will be featured in Michel Pascal's upcoming movie, Never Alone, starring Gabriella Wright and Deepak Chopra.

Deirdre’s contribution to the world is being recognized and embraced.

In 2014 Deirdre married her great love, Will Arntz, creator of, What the BLEEP Do We Know!? and with what she considers her two greatest accomplishments, that of being the mother of her two children, Leilah Katherine Franklin and Eric Harel Franklin, they all live happily ever after…

We are proud she will be delivering this new Receiving Bliss program for you, because under all circumstances, joy is possible.

Listen to a special recording of Deirdre talking about coming from wisdom

Deirdre and I sat down in January when we were visiting Panama together before the pandemic, and we recorded a fascinating conversation about how she discovered her gifts, how to tap into pure energy, how the Law of Attraction can come alive, and her biggest life lesson of coming from wisdom. You can listen to this recording on this web page, but just be forewarned, you’ll probably fall in love with her.

Accessing your own inner healing

Participating in Receiving Bliss will help open a heart space within you to reveal the highest expression of who you are… so the decisions you make and the actions you take in your everyday life are fully aligned.

In today’s world you do not want to make decisions from the space of fear or anxiety. The best decisions, always, are made when in the higher frequencies of pure energy.

When this happens, you’ll easily allow stress and anxiety and worry and fear to drain from your body as you open your abilities for creation.

These four sessions with Deirdre will help you quickly access your own inner healing powers to restore, rejuvenate, and support your body, mind, and spirit so you can indeed live a beautiful life.

Please sign up now. I’ll be on right along with you. This is not anything I would consider missing.

A lot in our lives has changed this year, and I like to say, we’re living in our New Better. Embrace it. Receive bliss. Heal with a deepening spiritual connection.

For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette

Receiving Bliss: Healing with Deep Spiritual Connection Teleseminar
4 payments of $30.00
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It's Risk Free!