Money Money Money with Shelly Lefkoe

How to deal with money issues for good

Nearly everyone has issues about money.

They not only keep you from prosperity, they restrict your enjoyment of prosperity.

They show up as “patterns” in your behavior and then mess up in your life, but there is a way out of their grip.

First, scan through these common patterns:

Worrying about money
Spending more than you earn
Racking up credit card debt
Shopping when you’re bored, unhappy, upset, or angry
Impulsive purchasing
Shopping for status
Relying on credit to pay the bills
Taking out payday loans
Having no emergency fund
Paying your bills late
Failing to save for the future
Blaming others for your circumstances
Hoarding money and never having fun
Making excuses
Deflecting responsibility

Getting rid of them would dissolve your money issues and make prosperity a real possibility.

But how?

Eliminate the core beliefs behind the patterns, which is easier than it sounds.

We will walk you through it in a brand-new virtual course called Money Money Money.

You will find it easier to make money, amass money, enjoy money, give money away, and keep money.

All because you will eliminate beliefs, which, believe it or not, were most likely created in your childhood.

Here are some of the beliefs that cause the money issues:

I don’t deserve money.
I am not important enough to have money.
I am not capable of making money.
I am not smart enough to make money.
I don’t have what it takes to make money.
Money is the root of all evil.
Money is for other people.
Money doesn’t buy happiness.
The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
I can either make money or follow my passion.
I am not good with money.
Having money is selfish.
Money is scarce and hard to get.
You have to have credentials to make money.
You have to work hard to make money.

Those keep you from having money, keeping, and enjoying money.

They keep those problem patterns of behavior in place.

Get rid of them and money will take on a different role in your life.

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With the Money Money Money training many of the beliefs fueling your money issues will dissolve. Each of the five sessions will be about 90 minutes.

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Money Money Money (Digital)
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Meet your newest success mentor,
Shelly Lefkoe

Shelly LefkoeFor four decades, Shelly Lefkoe has helped thousands of people eliminate beliefs that keep people from living their ideal lives.

Her clients have included everyday folks, celebrities, and those you may know such as Paul Scheele, Jack Canfield, and John Gray. She’s been a friend of Learning Strategies since 2004.

Last fall Shelly led Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence for our clients. They wanted to continue working with Shelly on money issues, and they asked us to create a new course called Money Money Money.

Now you can blow out the nastiest beliefs about money.

By the end, you will notice a change in your thinking about money.

Your behaviors and patterns about money will begin shifting right away.

You will be moving quickly down the pathway of prosperity.

If you attended the fall Eliminating Beliefs | Reclaiming Confidence training, you know that Shelly made sure everyone eliminated beliefs each day. She was relentless in her focus on your success. And that is how she was in Money Money Money.

As a matter of fact, she worked with participants one-on-one on-camera so everyone could see how it truly works.

Money Money Money (Digital)
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!

You will find yourself getting rid of the blocks that keep you from having money. Hurdles will be taken off the racetrack, so you can run your race to success.

Here are stories from people who have used Shelly’s system:

“After eliminating my beliefs with Shelly, I gained the confidence to sell myself and started getting paid for my work!  I am not only out of debt, but dating a fabulous woman and we are in the process of planning a trip to Europe. Something I never dreamed would happen. Thank you thank you.”

Carol Shaw“I used to have beliefs that I did not deserve to make a lot of money, and that it was a ‘sin’ to be wealthy. Consequently, I was always getting paid at the bottom salary level for my work in the nonprofit world. All that has changed. Through working with the Lefkoe Method - particularly with Shelly Lefkoe - I now make over $100,000 a year plus bonuses. My last jump in salary was 64%. My beliefs have changed and so has my life. I am the creator and this is what I have created.”
Carol Shaw

Donna Bauer“I had the good fortune of being asked to participate in one of the top real estate expos in the country, but even so, my sales were nowhere near the other top sellers. I had a session that helped me realize that I was being held back because I felt that I was unworthy of having higher sales and unworthy of being successful. The following weekend, I increased by sales by ten-fold with over $450,000 in sales and I went on to becoming one of the top selling speakers in my industry.”
Donna Bauer

“I recently ran a P&L on my business for the last 12 weeks and compared it to the same time period for last year. My sales are up 29% but more importantly my net profit is up 200%. By eliminating the belief systems, I have been able to make choices in my life that are getting me the results that I want.”
Cliff Bracket