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Mastering Time by Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Asher Davidson

With Mastering Time, you will learn how to play with time psychologically and metaphysically, applying ageless wisdom to raise your vibrational frequency so you can use time more wholistically. This will also help you live more fully in the place of power – the present moment – rather than regretting the past or fearing the future.

Mastering Time will help you develop right timing and use synchronicity to get in tune with the higher flow of time. You will discover why time seems to speed up or slow down and what you can do about it. You’ll understand how time heals and how it reveals.

Plus, you will understand how to create your chosen future, the true role of prophecy, and how you can know whether a vision or intuition is a valid prophecy or even useful information.

Mastering Time was originally presented as an 8-session, live teleseminar series. The sessions are described below. You will receive the eight 90-minute recordings, handouts, and transcripts through the Learning Strategies online digital Library. You will be able to stream the sessions on your computer or device when connected to the Internet or download them.

Introducing your mentors, Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Asher Davidson

Corinne and GordonCorinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson are co-authors of The Practical Visionary: A New World Guide to Spiritual Growth and Social Change; Spiritual Politics (Foreword by the Dalai Lama); and Builders of the Dawn.

They are co-founders of The Center for Visionary Leadership, based in California, and co-founders of Sirius, a spiritual and ecological community in Massachusetts. Corinne directed a national task force for President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development. Gordon was founding Director of the Social Investment Forum and of The Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies.

They both have served on the adjunct faculty of The American University and the University of Massachusetts and are Fellows of The World Business Academy and The Findhorn Foundation.

You can read testimonials of their work below.

The Mastering Time course is intended to help let go of the training wheels and find the center of knowledge, wisdom, and timeless Oneness within yourself. You will experience intriguing presentations, experiential techniques, quiet reflections, and mini-meditations to help you make time your friend and your teacher.

The eight sessions of Mastering Time are described below.

Descriptions of the Eight Sessions

Session 1 – Live in the "Inclusive" Present while Expanding Time

You can be in the present moment, AND still be inclusive of the lessons and learnings of the past, AND be empowered to create your future.

That's like having the cake, the frosting, and the nutrition of broccoli.

In this "inclusive" present moment you will be simultaneously in "Kairos," the state where you are able to see time in multiple ways, and in "Kronos," the practical place where you make things happen in the world.

When understood and lived, these two concepts involving time create amazing shifts in your life.

Kairos is considered to be the time of your higher self. You could call it sacred time.

Kronos is considered to be your day-to-day time, the marching-through-the-days-of-your-life time.

Kairos is spherical and spatial, where every moment can impact every other moment–past, present, or future.

Kronos is linear, sequential, ordinary time. It is the way we usually experience time, one moment coming after another.

In this session you will look at the speed of time.

When you're in a higher state of consciousness, you process time more rapidly. Time seems to go faster, because you are in the flow of an event or circumstance. Many athletes describe this as "being in the zone."

When you're in a lower state of consciousness, you process time more slowly. Time seems to go slowly because you're in resistance to an event or circumstance.

Higher states of consciousness correlate with the expansive qualities of love, happiness, harmony, collaboration, joy, and so on.

Lower states of consciousness correlate with the contracting qualities of fear, jealousy, anger, depression, low self-esteem, negative self-talk, and so on.

To live in higher states of consciousness, you also need to release attachment to the adrenal rush of urgency. It's helpful to reflect on what you're "saving time" for when you push hard to do things quicker.

Instead of asking how much you've accomplished in a given period of time, ask how much have you grown, served others, or fulfilled your higher purpose. It is a different way of thinking about time.

With this session, you'll learn to see time as a clarifier of your values and your relationships, rather than a task master. This will help you develop a skill highly valued in almost every circle of our modern society: You will accomplish more in less time, from a centered and relaxed state.

Session 2 – Transform Your Experience of the Past

When you hold onto negative stories about your past, it will take longer to do things, and access to your full potential may be held back.

In this session you will experience time as Kairos, or sacred time, where you can transform your experience of any negative event or experience from your past.

Kairos is a state of timelessness and pure awareness. In it, you're able to step outside of the current time frame and see more of the wholeness of an event or an experience.

Experiencing Kairos leads to a more joyful evolution, because it integrates your past with your present and your future. It helps integrate your subconscious, conscious, and superconscious. It expands your potential and creativity.

In this session we will explore the subconscious, how it holds time, and how to work with its experience of time. For example, your subconscious needs to have time breaks to reduce stress. It needs to have periods where there is no emphasis on time at all—where there is free, open space in time to do whatever you feel motivated to do in the moment. Without it, your subconscious eventually stops cooperating with you, which causes more resistance and stress.

You'll experience a meditation in this session on communicating with your subconscious in a way that helps you move forward with a completely different energy and attitude around challenging issues from the past.

Session 3 – Create Your Chosen Future

This session will help you develop your capacity to enter the spherical time of Kairos at will. As you may have surmised by now, spherical time is soul-based. You could call it being time, rather than doing time.

When we are "doing time," our freedom is limited, like being in jail. There’s no future creation there. Creation comes from "being time."

In order to create your desired future, you will learn a technique called the "Kairosphere." This will help you step free of negative time loops that trap you. You will also embrace clear and precise intention. This actually allows you to create and occupy the future and allows in what you want the future to be.

You'll be learning to shift through various timelines and energetic fields, raising your frequency to what could be called "warp speed." This transforms negative timelines and timelines that do not serve you into more positive ones for your future.

Through this process you will discover user-friendly doorways into the core of your being, letting you look back from your chosen future to the present. You will see the events that unfolded to bring you to that future point.

Session 4 – Manage Your Daily Linear Time

Many of us seem to race through life eternally busy. Psychological studies show that most people wear busyness as a badge. It's an ego booster. And that keeps so many trapped in lower states of consciousness.

So in this session we will look at being more effective and balanced in Kronos time so that you can more often reside in higher states of consciousness. You will:

* Use a data-based approach to carefully examine your use of time.

* Eliminate any obsession with busyness and multi-tasking, and learn to simplify. Less can be more.

* Become aware of unconscious habitual behavior, such as continually being late, procrastinating, etc.

* Prioritize your time based on your values, your quality of life, and your chosen future.

* Reflect on what you don't have time for, and what you always make time for.

* Prioritize what's essential in order to set clear time boundaries – a clear "time budget" to release non-essentials and streamline activities.

Session 5 – Develop Right Timing, Rhythm, and Synchronicity

To truly live our potential, we have to learn to live in an expanded state and recognize how the flow of events is coordinated from a higher level by a universal energy.

So in this session we will explore balancing and transcending time with Kairos while paying careful attention to linear Kronos time. That’s when the magic happens.

The Chinese I Ching says there's a time to wait and a time to act.

The Bible says there is a time to reap and a time to sow.

There is a timing for all things - ebbs and flows, rhythms, and cycles.

Every period of time has a unique rhythm we need to harmonize with. There are cycles in society, cycles in nature, and cycles in the solar system. There are cycles in our bodies and cycles in our minds. (You may have learned of many different cycles from your work with Spring Forest Qigong, Diamond Feng Shui, Numerology, and Sonic Access published here at Learning Strategies.)

The planet as a whole is currently in a cycle where everything seems to be speeding up, as new energies flow into the earth.

Kairos helps you attune with cycles automatically. This results in right timing in acting or waiting to act. Being in tune with Kairos time helps you be more intuitive and inwardly guided to be in the right place at the right time, to meet the right people you need to connect with to fulfill your chosen future.

Knowledge of individual cycles and working with them from the space of Kairos helps you go deeper. In this session we’ll explore some optimal times of the day, month, and year for various activities, and you’ll discover how to work with other cycles, such as bio-rhythms.

Just as important, you will learn how to avoid unwanted "rhythmic entrainment" with your environment. You’ve heard how if you put two clocks with pendulums in a room together, they will eventually swing in sync. The same thing happens to our bodies and emotions as our environment affects us.

You may notice this rhythmic entrainment effect when you travel between a peaceful, rural environment and an intense, fast, urban environment. Sometimes it is very refreshing to be entrained with a natural, beautiful environment, such as nature provides, and sometimes you need an intense, fast environment to focus your work.

Entrainment is not necessarily bad. But...there are times to entrain to the local energy and times to maintain your own rhythm. Kairos makes maintaining your own rhythm second nature.

Session 6 – Manage Your Time Velocity

The change and activity in your life affect your experience of time. Time seems to slow down when not much is happening and speed up when there’s a lot of changes to process. A secret to your experience of time and the speed of time is accepting all of your experiences rather than resisting them, no matter how unpleasant. This can speed up the processing rate so that time seems to go more quickly.

What's the benefit in speeding up your processing? If you want to be fully engaged in life, you'll want high processing speeds so you can both include more of the lessons you've learned and create an optimal future for yourself.

There's also a very important distinction between spiritual speed and mechanical speed.

For a lot of people, the mechanical speed that's established in society has become synonymous with survival. You have to be fast in order to make it in the world. When this imposed speed is greater than the speed of your consciousness, difficulty and struggle show up. You feel enslaved.

But when you allow mechanical speed to be controlled by your spiritual speed, you can have balance and be more physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.

Session 7 – Discover the Quantum Dimensions of Time Mastery

You may have heard this before: time is an illusion produced by a succession of states of consciousness.

You can grasp it intellectually, but it can be challenging to experience it viscerally. Perhaps you will during this program. That's our intention.

You could look at our time/space world as a dance of atoms creating the illusion of permanence.

When you look at anything, there is actually nothing but a dance of atoms. Your computer. Your body. The physical location where you are right now. Everything!

As we know from quantum physics, atoms are constantly moving, and they’re moving from one location to another. This movement between two spaces creates an energetic field around those atoms giving the illusion of permanence. But, in fact, those atoms are in movement all of the time.

Time, as we experience it, is actually a series of sequences where time operates in different ways in different dimensions of varying wavelengths and expanses. Thinking about it can boggle the mind, yet this shows how you can occupy the future, as we discussed earlier.

It's a very interesting way of working. You can bring powerful ideas from the future to your present as a way of speeding up your evolution. You can contact your future self and communicate with it, building a telepathic link, taking ideas and states of consciousness from the future back to your present self.

Session 8 – Explore Prophecy, Precognition, and Images of the Future

Many of us personally receive information about the future as intuition, dreams, or visions. While clear information coming through with a high vibration can make it more trustworthy, information can also come through that is fear-based and with a much lower vibration.

This session explores how to evaluate whether information you receive could be useful or even a valid prediction. We will explore how to distinguish intuitive information coming from your expanded consciousness, as well as information and prophecies originating from what might be called "lower astral dimensions."

You will also receive tips for how to evaluate the content and the feeling tone of information and prophecies you hear from others.

We know that many of our clients can be considered visionaries who are ahead of their time.

Your role as a visionary, if indeed you are one, is to bring through new ideas and help move humanity forward. You will learn the basics on how to take your vision and manifest it in the world. It is not always an easy role, but there is a higher plan you can tune into, and when you do, things flow more easily. If you’re going against the flow of energy and time cycles of evolution, it is much more difficult.

It is vital to understand there is a higher plan unfolding, with which we can co-create. It is said that the wise ones, the enlightened ones (the masters, if you will) know the plan. They know how things will unfold in the end, but it is up to humanity to choose the timing, how quickly or how slowly, and how much suffering or how much joy we will experience in this process.

With this understanding, you can consider that technologies such as the Internet may be our training wheels, training us to get in sync with people around the world, with diverse cultures, timings, and perspectives. We are on these training wheels right now. We are using technology to stay in tune with the whole, and it’s training us to be more telepathic and to synthesize subjectively together.


Here’s what others have written about Corinne and Gordon:

"More than inspiring, your seminar has taken me to a spiritual place and clarified many ideas that were in a jumble before. The presentation was crystal clear and in an order that made it easy to understand what could be very complex material. Corinne and Gordon were loving, informed and great role models." - Mark Georgia, Palo Alto, CA

"Thank you both for a joyful and very special seminar. I'm particularly grateful for the light energy you both bring to everything you do. I’ve learned wonderful teachings, processes, and ways of thinking that will absolutely help me as I continue on my path of transformational change. Rating this on a scale of one to ten, your workshop was an eleven!" - John Ramsay, Hadley, MA

"You were friendly, lovely, good communicators, and were passionate, clearly prepared and knowledgeable. The series of classes have lead me to an incredible turning point in my life - it's palpable, evident and manifesting before my eyes." - Vicki Clarke, Novato, CA

"You were magnificent. I greatly appreciated the way you combined great practicality and great wisdom, and did it from such a place of love. I was impressed with how you both appear to embody a lovely blend of male/female energies." - Sandi S., Maui, HI

"Very inspiring and validating of the path I have been on. An extraordinary amount of territory was covered in a short time. You both were fabulous, as ever!" - Shannon Greenspan Howard, Cleveland, OH

"You are articulate, brilliant, accomplished, respectful, clear and responsive - true leaders and teachers." - Connie Clark, Mill Valley, CA

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