Diamond Hexagrams

Dear Friend,

It's a little known fact that energy changes in your home or workplace based on the direction of your front door.

This energy exerts a tremendous influence on your life. It's subtle at first, but compounds with time. You want to determine what the energy is saying about your life so that it supports you. I'm sure glad I did.

Thankfully Marie Diamond helped me

Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond first came into my home in September of 2004, two years after I moved in. She told me the direction of my front door wasn't right. "It's auspicious, but it is for a dictator," she said "That is not you. That is not how you run your business. That is not how you represent yourself to the world. You are not a dictator. You need to change it before it gains more influence over you and wreaks havoc on everything you've built for yourself and Learning Strategies."

Looking at her special Lo Pan compass, flipping through her book, and quickly scanning the pages, she exclaimed, "Here it is! This is perfect for you. Very auspicious. The superior man refines his brilliance; his light can be seen from near to far. This will support your work to the four corners of the planet. We need to change the energy of your front door right now. You shouldn't continue the way it is."

Then she gave me something to put on the wall above my door. She said it would change the energetic makeup of the front door. "It's the same as changing the direction of the door, which changes the energy."

Typically there are two ways to change the direction of your front door: 1) rebuild your entrance, or 2) mount metal plates to the door. Neither are very appealing, but for me she gave me something that looked like a bar code. It was a hexagram from the I Ching.

Using ancient symbols to expand your life

Marie said she learned how to use the I Ching from an ancient lineage of Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher. I had been familiar with the I Ching as an oracle, and I was learning the first of many ways it could be used in conjunction with the energy that flows around us day in and day out.

The I Ching is actually the world's oldest and most revered system of personal guidance and prophecy. As I've since learned, it teaches us the perfect combination of yin and yang, passive and active, or female and male energy. It teaches us the balance between heaven, human, and earth energy. It has been known for thousands of years to energetically connect with the "quantum field."

In ancient times, and really until only recently, this information was kept sacred and within the hands of the privileged classes and those who studied the quantum field, the universe, and God. Marie, however, believes this information should be readily available to anyone who wants to learn it, which is why she asked us to help create a course on these hexagrams.

Marie likes to think of hexagrams as bar codes, similar to the ones used on product labels. Stores use an optical scanning device to scan the bar code. The cash register reads it and knows exactly the item and its details.

When you place a hexagram above your door, you act as the scanner and the universe as the register. Each time you walk through the door you automatically scan the hexagram and the energetic vibration it radiates. This creates an energy field that connects you with the quantum field, thus influencing your life and everyone spending time in your home or workplace.

Don't you wonder about the energetic vibration you're scanning every time you walk through your door?

What is your front door attracting into your life? Is it auspicious or ominous? Does it attract success or peril? Does it keep you still or moving? Does it create guilt or lift guilt? Does it warn of difficulties?

It's operating 24 hours a day whether or not you are aware of it. I suggest that you figure it out and make a simple adjustment. Thankfully, we've made it quite easy for you with a single-audio set program called Diamond Hexagrams.

First you will learn what your front door is attracting to you. Then, you will learn that when the code on your front door is not expansive, positive, or attracting what you want, you can change it. Just as a store clerk can place another bar code label over an existing one in the supermarket to change the price of a product, you can easily change your code to achieve another outcome.

Hexagrams can also alter the energetic message of your bed, office, or workplace

You are being influenced by the energy of any place that you spend considerable time—three or more hours a day. Using what Marie teaches you in Diamond Hexagrams you can also alter the effect energies have on you while sleeping or working. You want the energies to support your hopes, dreams, goals, and desires, not put up resistance or push you in another direction.

If you would like to see how energetic influences have been working on you day in and day out, you'll want to get Diamond Hexagrams right away. You'll also learn what options are available to your specific home or workplace and how to exercise the options quickly and easily.

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Personally, I'm glad I got the "dictator" energy off my front door. I'd rather be "a source of light to others," which fits our mission of helping you maximize your potential and get great at living life.