Facilitating Brilliance Training with Paul R. Scheele, PhD

How to Accelerate Learning

NOTE: Earlier this year we announced Paul Scheele’ brand-new Facilitating Brilliance 4-day event, and recordings are now available so the training can be done at home.

Ideal for trainers, teachers, speakers, and coaches (and parents teaching at home)

The brain is a natural accelerated learning device.
Paul R. Scheele, PhD

The brain’s ability to acquire and creatively use information is unlimited.

But for many people traditional ways for learning confuse our extraordinary personal resources. It can turn us into ponderously slow, plodding, and disoriented learners.

It was Paul Scheele’s great privilege to track down how to accelerate learning 30 years ago. It started with a need to train PhotoReading instructors and turned into a personal mission he has carried forward through the decades.

You might think accelerated learning is something like “curriculum compression” or “rapid delivery.” That’s not it. Not even close.

Accelerated Learning comes from a collaborative, brain-compatible, learning-centered environment that is scientifically designed for long-term retention, knowledge and skill transfer.

It reawakens your natural learning abilities, and it unleashes the full range of a your creative resources to improve learning results right away.

Paul began teaching his processes called Accelements: Essential Elements of Accelerative, Brain-based Teaching and Learning. Thousands went through training in colleges, universities, companies, and organizations throughout the world.

Announcing Paul’s new training for
Trainers, teachers, speakers, coaches, and
anyone with a strong interest in learning

It is now your turn to take a deep dive with Dr. Paul R. Scheele into his new Facilitating Brilliance: Transformative Teaching and Learning training.

This is appropriate whether you deliver in-person or virtually. Given in-person delivery may be highly curtailed for sometime to come, it is smart to learn how to be the best delivering through any means.

You will…

* Learn to deliver learner-centered, competency-based lessons in which you will spend upwards of 70% of your time immediately applying the information and skills you learn.

* Gain the knowledge, resources, and tools you need to accomplish course/program/speech objectives better, faster, and easier than with traditional delivery methods.

* Become immersed in an accelerative-learning environment by experiencing sensory-rich methods that reawaken your natural learning abilities and those of your learners.

* Enable your students/clients to absorb information, learn skills, and retain more of what they need faster. You will unleash the full range of your learners’ creative resources to improve learning results now.

How you will learn…

Paul Scheele will be using:

* mini lectures
* small group discussions
* individual reflective exercises
* discovery and problem-solving exercises
* experiential learning exercises
* use of Expanded Brain States for learning

Major outcomes for you…

The Facilitating Brilliance training is a comprehensive course that develops core abilities required for accelerative learning facilitators.

You will quickly explore a new paradigm of education that engages thinking, feeling, and behavioral domains of your learners to the fullest.

This dynamic, whole-person learning experience will be crafted to elicit higher-order thinking by presenting open-ended principles, paradoxical or non-determinant problems, and ambiguous rules—all in a framework that challenges the participant to break the traditional mindset of “teacher as purveyor of content.”

Participants will develop an alternative mindset, one that portrays “teacher as peer, resource person, and facilitator in a collaborative, brain-compatible, learning-centered environment.”

You will be able to…

* Understand the integrative and accelerative learning concepts that are its scientific foundation.

* Create learning environments to fully engage the students’ learning potential.

* Apply curriculum-design methods to streamline and improve new and existing courses.

* Make teaching more fun and revolutionize the learning process for learners.

Your must-have take-aways…

* Understand learning how to learn (focus on learner vs. teacher)

* Use accelerative learning principles for long-term retention, knowledge, and skill transfer

* Understand Accelements learning processes with brain models, multiple intelligences, and learning styles

* Learn importance of language, positive suggestion, physical space, and anchoring

* Determine innovative ways of demonstrating mastery

* Set up three-level assessment for participants

* Produce optimal learning environments

* Create and use peripherals (music, visual materials, objects, toys, and manipulatives)

* Maintain resourceful states (motivation for learning, access to expanded brain states, Natural Brilliance model)

* Use Accelements curriculum design methods

* Present information following the Accelements Learning Cycle

* Create effective prework and class openings (expectations, establishing mindset, learner readiness, welcomes, icebreakers, and overviews)

* Use experiential learning techniques (field trips, projects, games, simulations, role plays, case studies, and challenges)

* Write and use visualization scripts including “concert” readings

* Create workplace application activities

Assess learner needs

Manage content and time schedule

Encourage creative and divergent thinking

Use aids and models

Promote learning interaction

Create and use effective brain-based presentations (mind calms, visualizations, passive and active concert readings, oral questioning, illustrated talks/lectures, mini lectures)

Use and teach mind mapping

Gain new skills for leading group discussions (active participation, brainstorming and nominal group technique)

Create effective multi-intelligence learning through activation (successful demonstrations, collaborative/cooperative learning, independent study, problem-solving, structured oral and written reports)

Establish next steps (remediation and enrichment, retention, reinforcement, follow-up, application planning and skill transference, study groups)


What you learn during these four days will be applicable for you whether you deliver programs in person or virtually over the internet.

Recordings are available now.

The tuition is $1500. Now available with a payment plan of 10 payments of $150.

You may have more than one colleague join you in your home or office to go through the program with you. There will be no additional tuition. But…recordings will only be available for you personally in your private online Library.

Click to order below, or call our office at 1-952-767-9800.

Facilitating Brilliance
with Paul R. Scheele, PhD
Video Recordings
10 payments of $150.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!

Facilitating Brilliance
with Paul R. Scheele, PhD
Video Recordings
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!

How to use the 5 video sessions of Facilitating Brilliance

Upon ordering the recordings, you will have immediate and permanent access to the five video sessions of Paul’s Facilitating Brilliance video program. This is not the full training, but five hours of prep with Paul Scheele so that you get more value from your experience.

Please watch these videos before viewing the recordings of the training.

You will review the sessions with Paul during the training, and he will take you deeper in to the principles so that they can become second nature for you and your specific needs and applications.

About your mentor, Paul R. Scheele, PhD

Paul R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, guides people to achieve extraordinary results in relationships, work, money, and health. Paul is an expert on learning how to learn to tap the other 90% of your mind. He believes everyone has an inner genius just waiting to be awakened.

Paul shows you how to access your full potential using powerful learning strategies. His unique combination of expertise includes degrees in Biology, Learning and Human Development, and Leadership and Change plus a rich background in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), accelerated learning, preconscious processing, and universal energy. His programs provide the rare experience of tapping the vast innate potential of the mind to attain more success in life. Sharing how to activate these rich resources within the mind and connecting this natural power with spiritual wisdom is Paul’s passion.

Join Paul Scheele to be significantly more effective in how you communicate with your audiences so that they receive all of the benefits you intend and they desire.

Dr. Paul R. Scheele’s new Facilitating Brilliance: Transformative Teaching and Learning is for trainers, teachers, speakers, coaches, and anyone with a strong interest in learning.

Facilitating Brilliance
with Paul R. Scheele, PhD
Video Recordings
10 payments of $150.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!

Facilitating Brilliance
with Paul R. Scheele, PhD
Video Recordings
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!

Here are real life stories from others who have used programs by Paul Scheele

"This may be the most important training I have ever taken in my life! Paul Scheele is a genius! His joy in teaching is infectious...his skills superb...his materials are invaluable! I recommend this training for anyone involved in teaching or facilitating learning experiences as well as for upper management of businesses and non-profit organizations. This training will change your life!"
– Rev. Jackie Holland

"I found this material - and Paul's presentation - to be a fun-filled, 'outside the box' learning experience and recommend it to anyone interested in looking for new and more effective ways to teach course material in any age range. It's the equivalent of looking through a child's eyes - exploring the world around you in awe and wonder."
– past participant

"I loved the way Paul created a positive learning environment even when separated from the audience. He modeled so many great techniques. I also appreciated the great learning materials."
– Beth Dailey

"I have been able to have lots of fun, to teach much more material, and to witness a higher level of material retainment than ever before. Since the material I taught this year is exactly the same material I have been teaching for years, the only thing that had changed is the method of teaching-learning. Even though I was exploring a new method myself, (or maybe BECAUSE I was exploring it), the results were 'far-out,' and 'far-in' as well. In fact, (and this is a notice to Paul) the head of my Cathedra (department) was so impressed with the results that he and the school director had asked me to try to arrange a training for the all teachers in the school."
– Yehuda Maayan

"A 'Must' for all those facilitating any workshops with young people or adults."
– Dr. Annette Eggleston

"It changes learning and teaching techniques in a way that is much more effective than previous techniques. There is an overall awe-inspiring awareness that takes place. What a concept experiencing fun and joy while learning and teaching."
– past participant

"Life Changing and Life Affirming!"
– Rev Danni Daniela

"Paul is truly a channel that Spirit uses to do a great work!!! This class has been a transformational experience!!! Do not miss an opportunity to work with this Man!!!"
– Rev D, Agape

"This workshop will absolutely empower and transform the educational process."
– past participant