Debbie Frank's Enlightened Astrology video program

In an exclusive collaboration with Learning Strategies, master astrologer and life healer Debbie Frank will help you explore your life from the astrological perspective, looking at influences from the time of your birth through today and beyond.

Enlightened Astrology is presented in five phases, each with four easy-to-follow sessions:

  • Phase 1: Discover the Four Corners of Your Destiny
  • Phase 2: Make Your Soul Contracts Work
  • Phase 3: Transform Conflicts into Collaboration
  • Phase 4: The Law of Attraction
  • Phase 5: Written in the Stars

When you order your course, you will receive instructions on how to create your two personal charts, using the same software that Debbie uses for her personal clients.

FREE BONUS: Join master astrologer Debbie Frank LIVE for a look into 2021 and what it means for you on Tuesday, April 20 at 12:30 p.m. US Central Time. "Looking Forward" will be provided to you at no additional charge (live event and recording) when you purchase Enlightened Astrology by April 30.

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Enlightened Astrology Course (Digital)
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Debbie's unique form of psychological, spiritual, and healing wisdom has evolved from decades of training, client work, writing, and teaching. Her warm and witty style shines in the 20 90-minute video sessions of the Enlightened Astrology course. You will experience her penetrating perception and insights with instant access to her mastery.

Phase 1
Discover the Four Corners of Your Destiny

Session 1
True North – Sun

You are born to be the brightest star in your own solar system. Yes, in your world, everything revolves around you.

Yet how can you harness the power of your Sun sign most fully? The meaning of your Sun sign is way beyond just a few keywords. It encompasses the very essence of your being, the purpose of your soul in this lifetime. It is brimming with potential that enables you to shine.

In True North, Debbie examines how we can get in alignment with our Sun sign and find our answer to “why am I here.”

Session 2
Soul Power - Moon

You contain tremendous wisdom wrapped within your intuition and your emotions. The wisdom of your Moon sign whispers the secrets of your eternal soul. Are you in touch with it? Do you use it? Do you allow it to support every aspect of your life?

Debbie will help you uncover it so that your internal guidance system activates fully.

NOTE: Debbie will make sure you do not compartmentalize astrology into something that’s just nice to know. She will help bring it into your everyday life so that you have a noticeably better life.

In this session, for example, you will get a new mechanism to use each day in all of your actions and decisions, from the smallest to the biggest.

Session 3
What are you broadcasting to everyone?

What is your own personal brand? How does your “Ascendant” market you to the world? How do others perceive you, and what do they think of you?

Without realizing, we are sending out continuous messages about who we are, what we can do, and how we can make a difference to the world.

Are you aligned with your brand? When you are broadcasting your brand, your life sings and everything flows your way.

Debbie will help you determine your brand from your ascendant. Next, she will show you how your Mercury sign verbalizes your message and your thinking so you get yourself aligned with it.

Get ready. Things in your life might change.

Session 4
Ultimate Wellness - Elements

Are you living in sync with the element of your birth sign? Every person, situation, or environment we choose is duty bound to either support or inhibit the smooth flow and feng shui of our life. That’s how the universe is set up. You’ve gotten a taste of it in the introductory session, and you go deeper here.

Phase 2
Make Your Soul Contracts Work

Session 5
Your Love Vibration

How the universal energy of love streams through your Venus could vary dramatically from your partner (but perhaps you could have told me that--LOL)

Your chart shows your love blueprint. It highlights what you find beautiful, who you love, why something appeals to you, and why something or someone sends you running. It is right there in front of you - and knowing it can help you with affairs of the heart as well as getting along with people at work.

Debbie will help you understand your love blueprint in terms of your soul contract. She will guide you through a mini-meditation so you know what you have to give and receive in order to align with your love destiny.

Session 6
Making Things Happen

How do you get things done? How do you express your yang?

If your life is not moving… if you are not motivated by much of anything… if your drive is to the sofa… then you are either not aligned with your chart or you need to activate your Mars to get juice flowing.

That, my friend, is how you manifest.

Session 7
Get Un-stuck

What is your sticking point? What is your core wound? What patterns repeat from your karma in this life? How does this affect your relationships, health, and success?

Debbie will help you go back to a time in your life when the planet Saturn insulted your young ego. Most of us are still carrying this year after year.

You will gain pointed insights into what Saturn is here to teach you and how to turn those challenges into valuable resources.

As you go through the program, Debbie will help you develop a keen understanding of it all through coaching, expert advice, and mini-meditations. You’ll be getting it consciously as well as on a nonconscious basis. You’ll be able to integrate it into your life. After you’ve gone through this session, for example, if anyone mentions Saturn, a massive body of wisdom will flow to help guide your life.

Session 8
Balance Your Karma

Some people come into this life with buckets of good karma, but most of us come in with lessons we need to learn. You’ll see what they are when Debbie opens your eyes to the “Nodes” in your chart.

In this session, you’ll come to grips with the non-negotiable lessons of your life and find people who are here to show you the way.

You’ve probably experienced instant soul connections whether at work or at play. Many, many people are here to support you through your challenges. You are not alone.

Phase 3
Transform Conflicts into Collaboration

Session 9

Everything becomes easier when we view the challenging aspects of ourselves or situations as simply parts of ourselves that want different things. In this session Debbie will take you through the “aspects” that correlate with your own hard-to-handle angles.

Suddenly hard aspects of life aren’t really that hard. They merely ask us to change our mindset and patterns, which become infinitely easier when you see them in your chart, realize the chaos they render, and activate aspects of your chart for more life-affirming flow.

Session 10
Live the Unlived Life

Some of us experience a real loud ring at mid-life, half way through the 84-year cycle of the Uranus orbit.

It reminds us that we need to be true to ourselves. It’s time to wake-up completely with total transparency.

It gives us the opportunity to live the unlived life of unrealized dreams and unfilled purpose. It allows us to transform regret into greater consciousness. It’s the Enlightened Astrology.

Debbie will de-code the rumblings of the Uranus “transits” and how to live creatively with them.

Session 11
Live the Dream in the ‘Real’ World

During certain cycles, our inner longings and dreams surface. Our everyday lives are no longer sufficient to feed our soul.

It is during these times that Neptune’s romantic, creative, spiritual, and escapist dreams light up our lives. You’ll learn when to expect them, how to prepare for them, how to embrace them, and where they can take you.

Session 12
Find Gold in the Dark

Certain cycles bring up all that is hidden away. We have to go digging into our inner self, daring to visit the unlit places in life. It takes so much courage to go there and when we do, we emerge with incredible inner power.

Debbie will help you determine when Pluto shows in your life and how to find the gold. There is always buried treasure ready to release into your life as a superpower. What superpower is waiting for you?

Phase 4
The Law of Attraction

Session 13
Open Up to Abundance

Yes! Yes! There are absolute cycles of abundance.

To be prepared, you must know what you are you putting out. Where is your point of attraction in life?

Are you readily able to attract your blessings? If not, what can you do?

And, how can you up the ante?

Debbie will show you how to maximize your capacity to reach out and magnetize the good things in life.

Session 14
When Karma Strikes

We’re not talking the good karma, but the nasty stuff that comes around every seven years.

You’re given the opportunity to evaluate what you’re doing and to get real. Tied into those Saturn cycles at ages 29, 59, and 89 we can cross the threshold into greater meaning.

Debbie helps you look at these times of fated attraction and how to work with them.

Session 15
Who Are You Attracting?

Okay, you’re not going to understand this next paragraph, but it will change your life once you get it in this session:

When the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto are aspecting and mixing with your personal planets, they are in your aura. You are going to experience your relationships through their frequencies.

Debbie will guide you through what to expect with these powerful configurations and who to expect! These are times to automatically attract people who will be changemakers for you.

Session 16
Open Up Your Comfort Zone

The cycles of the Moon keep us in our comfort zone, safe from outside interference whether you are consciously aware of them or not.

Debbie reveals how the Moon reflects our internal state and how we can use the cycles of the Moon to ignite new phases in our own lives. We’ll explore how to spread our nets wider with expansive growth.

Phase 5
Written in the Stars

Session 17
Fate versus Destiny

You’ll explore how to be an Alchemist using astrological knowledge to up-level your life. You’ll go from being impacted by fate to co-creating your chosen destiny.

Debbie will guide you through changing your perception of fate and catalyzing your most creative responses that power up your destiny.

Session 18
Quantum Leap

It is time to place your coordinates on the “grid” so you belong to the greater supporting energy network.

In this phase of Enlightened Astrology you will be reaching for the 5th dimension and clearing your energy field to create positive outcomes.

Here, Debbie will explain how the grid and the 5th dimension work. You will go through the process of harnessing this immensely supportive framework to enhance your life. You’ll see how psychic feng shui brings you into alignment with the universe.

Session 19
The Message of the Universe

Surrender your ego and live your power.

We so easily get in the way of our greatest experiences by attempting to control rather than accept.

We so easily create fear, which disconnects us from the loving message of the universe.

Today Debbie walks you through the differences in your quality of life once you get your ego out of the way and start living from a place of surrender and connection.

This is your true power.

Session 20
Shine Your Star Signature

In your final session with Debbie, you’ll be putting it all together.

You’ll review how your birth chart is an encoded map of the architecture of your soul and journey in life.

You’ll see your thematic patterns stream through your chart and begin to live the magic of your star signature.

It’s time for your aha moment, the illumination that comes with integrating all the cosmic pieces of your jigsaw so you can see the bigger picture…and shine!

How it works

The program includes 20 90-minute video sessions. Each session is also available as audio-only.

Debbie will guide you through two meditations in each session to help you experience and integrate the teachings of the session. These meditations are also available separately so you can easily use them multiple times.

You will have handouts for each session that include the slides. Each handout has plenty of space for additional note-taking.

Session 20, "Shine Your Star Signature," is a great review of the course. Consider using Session 20 as a preview before beginning Session 1. It is your choice.

Instructions for your birth chart will be provided to you when you order your course.

What you can do with Enlightened Astrology

You can use Enlightened Astrology to illuminate energetic advantages in your life.

It can help you see through problems. Instead of ramming toward a problem, you step back and look at it completely differently. Sometimes astrological conditions are at the core of the problems…and sometimes the solution is in the stars.

Are you compatible with a person, a project, or a company? Enlightened Astrology empowers you with insight beyond what you can see with the naked eye in your usual human interactions.

Is your job in alignment with astrological influences? What about a project? You certainly don’t want to be fettering on something whose time has not come. It can show you when the time has come.

When is the best time to start a project? When should you sign a contract? What is the best time to let go of someone, a project, a job? Timing can make the difference between suffering and thriving.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Debbie Frank’s Enlightened Astrology is it helps you understand who you are. You will look at your chart and know what is going on. You’ll get so many ahas that you’ll be looking at everything from your past, your present, and your future differently. It is a conduit to self-empowerment and making enlightened choices.

It gives you keys to understanding exactly who you are, what you are here to learn, and how you can live your best life, no matter how many changes are thrown in front of you.

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Enlightened Astrology Course (DVD and Digital)
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Enlightened Astrology Course (Digital)
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