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Communicate with ease;
Present with authority

Talking keeps the world going around. The best parents, friends, lovers, teachers, business people, politicians -- you name it -- are great talkers. Some are better than others. But everyone talks!

We've created a Paraliminal to make it easier to talk and get the results you want. It will help you condition your mind to speak with ease and effectiveness, eliminate self-defeating behaviors, and install successful strategies for conversations -- all in the first session.

Talking To Win CD

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Talking to Win MP3

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You'll use the secrets and mental strategies to:

  • Be comfortable in any speaking setting, whether talking with a teenager about drugs or being interviewed on live TV.
  • Express ideas and feelings clearly to make your point.
  • Handle hot topics skillfully.
  • Share your vision to get others on your side.
  • Persuade others with little effort on your part. 
  • Build trust and resolve conflict. 
  • Give and take suggestions without emotions getting in the way. 
  • Be a better conversationalist whether talking on the phone or at a party.
  • Influence with integrity.

Session B of Talking to Win assists you in becoming a masterful presenter, whether you have to speak about a difficult subject to a family member, talk to a group, or present a formal speech to a large audience. This session helps transform pressure into confidence so you can communicate and lead with ease.

  • Discover how to bring everyone into your message, even those who may be uninterested.
  • Uncover fun in every presentation.
  • Use physiology and the environment to your advantage.
  • Avoid common presentation mistakes.
  • Challenge, encourage, and lead difficult conversations with compassion.
  • Use your knowledge to get what you want.
  • Tell engaging stories that educate, empower, and entertain your audience.
  • Reinforce your own positive internal messages to propel your success.
  • Grow into an amazing and spellbinding presenter!

Paul worked with Tom McCarthy on Talking to Win, too. Tom believes anyone can become an outstanding communicator. His book FIRE-UP Your Presentations is considered to be one of the best books ever written on creating and delivering persuasive presentations. With Talking to Win you'll use the phenomenal Paraliminal process to learn Tom's effective strategies on a deep, inner level getting you immediate results.

"The FIRE-UP Training is a mandatory requirement for sales and consulting engineering people joining my team. I truly believe the FIRE-UP course has helped us meet and surpass our goals as an organization." -- Paul Werner, Regional Manager, Cisco Systems

"FIRE-UP is the best book written on designing and delivering persuasive presentations. Tom's system is powerful and it works! Every organization that has managers or salespeople giving persuasive presentations needs to learn and use the FIRE-UP System."
-- Gino Blefari, Chairman and CEO, Intero Real Estate

"After reading Tom's book and applying his principles anyone can improve their communication skills. I am absolutely convinced that he has written one of the most effective books of its kind. Well done!"
-- Troy McQuagge, President, UGA Insurance

"FIRE-UP is a must read for anyone who wants to be a better communicator."
-- T.D. Decker, Former CEO of Telemotive and Shaped Wire

"With this book, Tom McCarthy has uniquely leveraged his lifetime study of Presentation Mastery into an insightful, clear, and compelling system. A remarkable book!"
-- Richard Davies, General Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd.

And now you can get the powerful strategies of Tom McCarthy working in your life through the brand new Talking to Win Paraliminal that he and Paul Scheele created. You're going to talk anyway -- you might as well get your mouth working for you!

Conversation confidence. I asked a head nurse at a major trauma center, and he said, "I'm struggling to deal with my boss who can't see the problems, going on here." A business manager said, "My problem is being able to effectively tell a customer that he is wrong." A mother said, "I wish I could speak so that my daughter immediately listens to me." The three? You guessed it. They said it was worth $29.95. The nurse said, "Heck, I'd pay $100 to get my boss in line!"

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