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Individual Product FAQs
Aura Seeing FAQ
Abundance For Life FAQ
Boundless Renewal FAQ
Clear Mind~Bright Future FAQ
Diamond Dowsing FAQ
Diamond Feng Shui FAQ
Diamond Hexagrams FAQ
Diamond Quantum Colors FAQ
EasyLearn Languages FAQ
Effortless Abundance FAQ
Effortless Success FAQ
Embracing Freedom FAQ
Euphoria! FAQ
Four Powers For Greatness FAQ
Future Mapping FAQ
Genius Code FAQ
Genius Mind FAQ
Happy for No Reason FAQ
Love & Long Life FAQ
Memory Optimizer FAQ
Million Dollar Vocabulary FAQ
Natural Brilliance FAQ
No Matter What! FAQ
Numerology FAQ
Paraliminals & Ultimate You
Library FAQ
Paraliminal Walkabouts FAQ
Personal Celebration FAQ
Personal Power eBooks FAQ
PhotoReading FAQ
Resets FAQ
Resiliency FAQ
Seeds of Enlightenment FAQ
Sonic Access FAQ
Spiritual Codes FAQ
Spring Forest Qigong FAQ
The Secret DVD FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to make our website easy to use. If you have a problem and this section doesn’t help you, then call us at the telephone number below. We are happy to help you.

How do I find prices and order?

Look at the main banner above. There are "links" under "Product/Events" for the products we offer. Click on one of the links to go to a page with the course information, pricing, and order button.

To check the contents of your shopping basket, click on View Cart up above.

Where do I find listing of courses/books/CDs/training?

Look at the main banner above. There are "links" under "Product/Events" for the products and events we offer. Click on one of the links to go to a page with the pricing and order button.

How shopping works

You put an item in your "shopping basket" by clicking on the green “Buy Now” order button. This brings you to your shopping basket. From here you can keep shopping or check out.

You can go to your shopping basket any time by clicking on "View Cart" in the upper right of the screen. You can see what you have selected, change what you have selected, or check out.

Orders placed before 4:00 pm Central Time on any business day are generally shipped the next business day. (USA Next Day and 2nd Day orders are shipped the same day when they are placed before noon; otherwise, they are shipped the next business day.)

Weekend orders are generally shipped on Tuesdays.

Our shopping system is secure.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. We also accept PayPal for online orders that are paid in full.

How to find shipping charges

Put something in your shopping cart. You will then be able to calculate shipping.

Will I have to pay customs charges?

International clients are responsible for any import duties and taxes that some governments charge when a package reaches their country, as well as any surcharges by the shipping companies to collect monies for customs. The value stated for customs will be the product total from the invoice. No exceptions will be made.

How to order by mail

Place the order as if you are ordering online. Select the option to pay by check. Then print out the order and send it to us with a check (or credit card number). If you do not have a printer, you can mail us a note stating what you want and where we should send it. Be sure to include shipping charges and also sales tax when the order is shipped to Minnesota or Wisconsin. All checks, bank drafts, and money orders must be in US funds. Check payments are an option for pay-in-full orders only.

Tracking orders

Order tracking is not a feature of our website, however, tracking information is often sent via email from our shippers, such as UPS. When this is not provided, our customer service will happily give you shipping information. Email Orders@LearningStrategies.com.

Will you match someone else’s sale price?

Yes we will. If you find an authorized reseller selling a brand new program at a lower price, we will match their price if you prefer to purchase from us.

Place your order on our website at the price listed. When you check out you will be able to write us a message. Tell us what you would like. Be sure to tell us where you saw or heard the special price so we may verify it.

How to order on a payment plan

You may elect to pay for product orders over $99 on a three-month payment plan by checking the box above your shopping cart. We will add a $9 administration fee for three-month plans. (NOTE: This option does not apply to seminar/event tuition or to special customer codes that already include payment plans.)

Follow this procedure:

  1. Make your order online. Check the box for three payment plan; or
  2. When you check out, write a message to us in the space provided. Say: "Please put this order on a three-month payment plan. I understand there is a $9 administration fee."
  3. We will add the shipping and handling charges to your first payment, and charge your credit card in three equal payments at the same time each month. If you received an offer in the mail or through an email that offers a payment plan, enter the Customer Code for that offer before you check out. You will then be given the payment plan at no additional charge.

Credit Card Updates

If you have an active payment plan and wish to update your credit card online, please submit the new number on our secure website here: http://www.learningstrategies.com/Update

What is a "Customer Code"?

A "Customer Code" identifies a special promotional offer customers may receive in the mail or through email.

The Customer Code does not identify who you are.

There is a place to enter your Customer Code in the shopping basket. When you do, a notice will appear explaining the special offer in that code. If the offer entitles you to a free payplan, or discount, or bonus(es), those automatically appear in your shopping basket.

Customer Codes are not required to place an order; they are only required to receive special promotionals that are offered from time to time.

How do I get my shopping cart to reflect the special offer I received?

When an offer includes a bonus, discount, or payplan, put the main item in the shopping cart. Then enter the Customer Code for the offer and click Update Shopping Cart. At that point your special offer should appear in your shopping cart.

If something goes wrong and you do not receive the special that you expect, go ahead and place the order with the prices given. When checking out type us a note in the "comments" area. We will contact you if we cannot accommodate your request.

When your shopping basket comes up empty

If you click on the green “Buy Now” order button but your shopping basket comes up empty, make sure your "cookies" are turned on. The secure shopping system needs to use cookies to function properly.

How do I change my contact information

When you want to change your contact information such as address, telephone number, or email address, please send an email to CustomerService@LearningStrategies.com. Be sure to give us your old information as well as your new information.

How do I download course materials with zip files?

For instructions on how to download your course material, please go to www.learningstrategies.com/zipfiles

When something doesn’t work

Close your browser window, and then come back to our website. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your computer. If that doesn't work, email us at Info@LearningStrategies.com. Describe the problem in the email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to cancel an order before it ships

Call our Customer Service (toll-free USA & Canada: 888-800-2688 or 952-767-9800) before noon central time Monday through Friday.

When you place orders during the weekend or after business hours, you can send an email to Orders@LearningStrategies.com. Put "CANCEL ORDER" in the subject line to be sure we catch it in time.

In the event that we ship your order, you may return it under the satisfaction guarantee. We will not refund the shipping charges, however.

More help is available in each "Product Section"

There is a "Frequently Asked Questions" area for each product. The link appears in the left column.

"Ask a Question"




Contact us any time. We look forward to serving you. Since 1981.

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