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Develop the attitude and skills
of a super salesperson

Prepare your powerful inner mind for an upcoming sale while you rehearse on a deep, subconscious level. Be resilient to rejections. Project a sense of ease and confidence. Appear knowledgeable and interested in your customers.

Sales Leap reinforces the foundations that put superperforming salespeople on top. Mentally prepare for upcoming sales success.

Sales Leap CD

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Sales Leap MP3

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Let your inner mind guide you to increased sales

Run on automatic, just like successful sales people. Project a sense of ease and confidence. Appear knowledgeable and interested in your customers' needs. Be resilient to common setbacks and rejections.

Listen just once a week for twenty minutes. During each session you will improve an area of the selling process. The area could be prospecting, presenting, follow-up, closing, etc. You will be asked to think of a time in the near future when you will be in that process. Your resourceful inner mind will rehearse the scenario perfectly so that when you are there, you will demonstrate new levels of competence and mastery. Surpass your goals now!

"My first success story with Sales Leap was getting and closing a $1.5 million order -- my largest, and the company's largest, ever!"
-- Jan Hubbard, Minnesota

"I have been using Sales Leap for the past year and I fully enjoy it. I've recommended it to many customers and consistently get very positive feedback."
-- H.L., Connecticut

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