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#76136 - 06/05/10 12:11 PM Uncomfortable pulling sensation in the head
Presence Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/04/10
Posts: 3

I have been practicing SFQ for about half a year, and with that I began practicing Qigong on a daily basis. Before that, I had practiced sitting meditation for about a year.

During the last week, I have from time to time experienced a weird pulling sensation in the head. During yesterday's SFQ active exercises, I really felt that the practice was "working", but the pulling sensation arose and lasted for a little while. I have also tried a couple of short sitting meditations the last week, and the twisting motion in my head came during one of them. But I have also felt it when sleeping, and that I don't quite understand. The feeling even became part of a nightmare I had, where I felt my face being violently rearranged! I also felt it when I practiced some inner body awareness before going to sleep one night (maybe the same night as I had the nightmare).

This sensation is a bit scary, and I don't really know what to do about it. Is it just some energy channels opening? Am I doing my qigong practice wrong, so that it has damaging effects? I read about "adverse cyclic Qi" here: http://www.taijiworld.com/qa/QA5.htm - it says that adverse cyclic Qi starts when your weight is on the the front part of your foot, instead of the heels. This then blocks the flow of qi between the feet and the ground. During my practice I also feel that the flow stops in my feet, and I feel heavier. I haven't really thought much about were I place my weight. Is the thread between healing qigong and damaging qigong really this thin? On this page - http://www.wudaojingshe.com/faq.htm - the block between feet and ground is described to be caused by the "yong quan" not being open yet, and that after enough qigong practice, the channels will open.

Could someone please help me out on what to do? Should I continue my practice, or should I perhaps take a break? Has anyone else experienced similar sensations?

Thanks in advance,


#76143 - 06/06/10 03:28 PM Re: Uncomfortable pulling sensation in the head [Re: Presence]
zebra Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/13/10
Posts: 15
Loc: U.K.
Hello Presence

Iím sure that a more experienced practitioner will answer your questions soon. Meanwhile I can offer my observations that Master Lin says there is no bad or wrong in Spring Forest Qigong and there is only good, better and best.

Hope you get a more comprehensive answer that satisfies you soon.
Best wishes

#76144 - 06/06/10 04:27 PM Re: Uncomfortable pulling sensation in the head [Re: zebra]
Presence Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/04/10
Posts: 3
Thanks for the reply! smile

It's good to hear that Master Lin says that, but has he said anything more about it? Has he guaranteed the safety of SFQ?

I felt the sensation again during a sitting meditation yesterday, but when the feeling came I didn't become worried, and after about a minute it subsided. I guess it's nothing to worry about, but it would be nice to get some clarity on what it is. And even though the sensation probably has nothing to do with "adverse cyclic Qi", I would appreciate some more info on what adverse cyclic Qi is.


#76150 - 06/07/10 12:58 PM Re: Uncomfortable pulling sensation in the head [Re: Presence]
shakurav Offline

Registered: 03/30/06
Posts: 474
Loc: California, USA
I have had similar kinds of sensations and even went through a very frightening "twitch" in my face and mouth during a very intensive over an hour long meditation.

In my experience, not only does it subside in time, but as these channels open (and that is what I have found these kinds of things to be, in my case), I have found much greater levels of healing.

I do not believe it is anything to worry about, and on the contrary, I think it is a good sign. However, if you are concerned, the place to ask, is not here or even Master Lin, but a health care practitioner.

When you ask has Master Lin, "guaranteed the safety of SFQ?", I am not sure exactly what you mean or are asking. Why would Master Lin spread SFQ and stake his reputation on this if he did not think it was not only safe, but helpful? Can he absolutely guarantee that nobody will ever have adverse reactions? That is impossible with pretty much any practice or exercise.

I can tell you, in my humble opinion, as a somewhat advanced (or at least "advanced intermediate" wink ) Tai Chi Chuan and qigong practitioner of over 35 years and now a certified teacher in two forms of qigong, including SFQ Level I, I believe that SFQ is safe.

For more information about adverse cyclic qi, I think you will have to check a different system that reports more incidents of this syndrome. Does not seem to happen much, if at all with SFQ.

In summary, I would let go of the fear and concern and just chalk this up to progress.

Hope that helps.


#76152 - 06/07/10 05:13 PM Re: Uncomfortable pulling sensation in the head [Re: shakurav]
Presence Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/04/10
Posts: 3
Thank you shakurav for making things clearer for me smile Knowing that you've experienced something similar, I now trust that these sensations are part of the healing process. I will continue practicing SFQ without any worry smile



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