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Spring Forest Qigong Chunyi Lin
Spring Forest Qigong Deluxe Course Contents

Spring Forest Qigong Deluxe Course Contents

Spring Forest Qigong Level 1
Audio Set 1: The Miracle of Qi Energy
Audio Set 2: The Secrets of Qigong
Audio Set 3: Exploring the Active Exercises
Audio Set 4: Helping Others Heal
Audio Set 5:Active Exercise Practice
Audio Set 6: Sitting Meditation
Course Manual
Instructional Video Set
Bonus!: "Inner Beauty" Meditation Audio Set
Spring Forest Qigong Level 2
Audio Set 1: Becoming a Successful Healer
Audio Set 2: Special Healing Techniques
Audio Set 3: Special Healing Techniques 2
Audio Set 4: Active Exercise Practice
Faith & Confidence Paraliminal
Consistent Practice Paraliminal
Wisdom & Insights Video Set
Course Manual
Instructional Video Set
"Small Universe" Meditation Audio Set
Bonus!: "Back into the Universe" Meditation Audio Set

Help yourself and others heal
with the Deluxe Course

Start helping yourself heal with Level 1

Master Chunyi Lin guides you through practicing Spring Forest Qigong for your personal health. You will learn methods that you can begin using immediately to alleviate pain and sickness in your body.

The Level 1 (Basic) course includes a video set.

Helping others heal with Level 2 helps YOUR OWN healing.

You don’t need to be a perfectly healthy person to help others. Master Chunyi Lin says that "Helping others helps you heal," and he teaches Level 1 and 2 together for those wanting to do more for themselves and others.

You can watch how Master Chunyi Lin personally uses Spring Forest Qigong to help other people heal themselves. He guides you through his 15-step healing process so that you can immediately help your family and friends. The course includes detailed information about blockages in various parts of the body and about blockages associated with different problems ranging from headaches to high blood pressure to arthritis.

This Level 2 course includes five audio sets, a video set, a 40-page course manual, and a audio session of inspiring music called Back into the Universe.

Plus you receive the three video sets in a collection called Spring Forest Qigong: Wisdom & Insights and the Consistent Practice and Faith & Confidence Paraliminals .

Featuring almost four hours of informative and inspirational discussions with Chunyi Lin, you'll find yourself watching them over and over to better understand the power and intricacies of energy healing.

Paul Scheele and Chunyi Lin created two "Paraliminal" CDs to help you break through any resistance you may have to getting great results from your Spring Forest Qigong practice.

For the Deluxe Version, which includes Level 1 and Level 2, the Wisdom & Insights 3-DVD set and the two Spring Forest Qigong Paraliminals, click the Buy Now button:

Spring Forest Qigong Deluxe - CDs/DVD

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Spring Forest Qigong Deluxe Digital Course

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