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PhotoReading Paul Scheele

Licensed & Certified PhotoReading Instructors

Make sure your PhotoReading class is taught by a licensed and certified PhotoReading instructor.

The individuals listed below are the only people who are authorized and licensed to teach PhotoReading. The final list shows individuals who are in the process of completing their PhotoReading instructor training with Learning Strategies.

If your instructor is not on this list, please contact us immediately for an update. There are several reasons why your instructor may not be listed:

  • We've made a mistake, and we inadvertently left your instructor off the list. We want to correct the error immediately.
  • Your instructor is using our materials, our program, and our names without our permission or authorization. They have violated our trademarks and copyrights. This is illegal and unethical. Unfortunately, there are bandits in the world. Please do not support them.

You can be assured all classes listed on our official website are taught by licensed PhotoReading instructors.

To ensure quality and consistency, each year every PhotoReading instructor must renew his/her license directly with Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation.

Each PhotoReading instructor must give each new PhotoReading student a new set of PhotoReading Student Course Materials published by Learning Strategies Corporation or a licensed foreign publisher.

To obtain contact information for the international instructors listed below, please click on International Classes."

Here are the instructors who are licensed and authorized to teach PhotoReading. Those with an asterisk after their name are also licensed to teach Genius Code.

PhotoReading Master Instructor Trainer and Master Certifying Instructor
Scheele, Paul
Ayres, Lynette
St. Claire, Millicent

PhotoReading Master Certifying Instructor
Almada Valdez, Maria Dolores (for Mexico)
Ishigamori, Hisae (for Japan and China)
Wild, Evelyn

Here are the instructors who are licensed and authorized to teach PhotoReading:
Abdulaziz, Sara (Saudi Arabia)
Alfirdaus, Abdul Hamid (Saudi Arabia)
Almada, Brenda Valdez* (Mexico)
Almada, Melissa* (Mexico)
Almada Valdez, Maria Dolores* (Mexico)
Ayres, Lynette* (United States)
Azomoza, Irma* (Mexico)
Bendixen, Petra (Germany)
Birkmose, Jens (Denmark)
Blanco, Margarita* (Mexico)
Blanker, Joke* (The Netherlands)
Bowley, Joan (Canada)
Burling, Ingrid (Thailand)
Carrillo, Emilio Gandarilla (Mexico)
Carroll, Michael (England)
Ceysens, Marion (Belgium)
Cobos Rodriguez, Maria Teresa (Mexico)
Danielson, Patricia Jo (Co-Developer)
D'Arc Matias, JoAnna (Ecuador)
de Laboulaye, Therese (France)
Demiri, Nandia (Greece)
Devonish, Marilyn (England)
Dostal, Claudia (Germany)
Falckenberg-Eberhard, Christina (Germany)
Fassouli, Nefeli (Greece)
Franjie, Yvonne Abraham (Mexico)
Giam, Jean (Singapore)
Gombert, Anne-Ael (France)
Handojo, Thomas (Singapore)
Hansoul, Brigitte (Belgium)
Hiltibran, Cheryl (United States)
Holt, Phillip (England)
Huitron, Guadalupe Ramos (Mexico)
Ishigamori, Hisae* (Japan)
Jablokow, Andrei (United States)
Jamieson-Noel, Dianne (Canada)
Kanda, Masanori* (Japan)
Kastrinakis, George (Greece)
Katsuma, Kazuyo (Japan)
Kavanaugh, Tom (United States)
Kimura, Sachiko (Japan)
Ladysmithe, Linda (United States)
Lang, Christian (Germany)
Larkin, Connie (Romania)
Lazarescu-Abboud, Alina (Romania)
Lee, Sussanne (Malaysia)
Jose Francisco Lojero Hernandez (Mexico)
Martelli, Francesco (Italy)
Martinez Castillo, Patricia (Mexico)
Martinez, Juan Soto (Mexico)
Marx-Clement, Michaela (Germany)
Matsuoka, Katsumasa (Japan)
Moy, Jan Sigurd (Norway)
Moy, Thomas* (Norway)
Munoz, Maya Sigala* (Mexico)
Oshima, Tomohide (Japan)
Palmer, Noreen (Canada)
Paschali, Nicos (Cyprus)
Petri, Christian (Switzerland)
Phillips, Bill (England)
Pinder, Mykal (England)
Potter, Nina (United States)
Prevost, Ken (Canada)
Ravid, Lior (Israel)
Rodriguez, Maria Elena (Mexico)
Rost, Andrea (Germany)
Saetran, Jona Bjorg (Iceland)
Scheele, Paul* (United States)
Shiba, Kenta* (Japan)
Simon, Chantale (Belgium)
St. Claire, Millicent* (United States)
Stewart, Larry (United States)
Sverbikhina, Evgenia (Russia)
Tamamuro, Ichiro (Japan)
Tan, Jeff (China)
Terashita, Kazuya (Japan)
Tierny, Sylvie (France)
Tsukahara, Miki (Japan)
Viefhaus, Alex (Australia)
Wait, Gary (South Africa)
Wild, Evelyn* (Germany)
Xiaofei, Song (China)
Yamaguchi, Sakiko (Japan)
Yoshikawa, Hirokazu (Japan)

Here are the instructor candidates who are licensed to teach PhotoReading as they work with Learning Strategies to complete their instructor training.
Cunha, Claudiomar (Brazil)
Katz, Eric (United States)
Kotfila, David (United States)
McDonald, Mary Ann (United States)
Parlan-Stewart, Susan (United States)
Race, Vanessa (Thailand)
Salman, Alanoud (Saudi Arabia)

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