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Diamond Feng Shui Marie Diamond and Paul Scheele

Diamond Feng Shui
Diamond Edition
Also available as
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Level One course:
Essentials CD
Essentials DVD
Level One Audio Set
Level One Manual
Level Two course:
Level Two Audio Set
Level Two Manual
Energy Facets Video Set
Level Three course:
Level Three Audio Set
Level Three Manual
Stars Video Set

Bonuses – $1434 value!
12 months Diamond Time Feng Shui
5 60-Minute Group Q&A audio sessions as MP3 downloads
Subscription to the Diamond Feng Shui quarterly newsletter & CD
Access to the Diamond Feng Shui Internet Forum (online)
FREE coaching
Time Feng Shui Color charts - PDF download
Marie Diamond's Law of Attraction Meditation as MP3 download

Experience More Balance – Harmony – Good Fortune

Harness the power of energy for fantastic success, health, relationships, and personal growth with Diamond Feng Shui

Diamond Feng Shui is a revolutionary approach to Feng Shui that works extraordinarily well in today's world. We put it together for you in a way that is straight-forward, easy-to-learn, and fun. Use it to see great leaps and wonderful transformation.

As a bonus with your course, you also receive a subscription to the quarterly Diamond Feng Shui Newsletter and CD. Your first issue is free (a $29.80 value!). You will continue to receive the newsletter and CD quarterly, charging your card the special price of $29.80. You may cancel at any time. See the right side of this page for the rest of your free bonus gifts. Enjoy!

Diamond Feng Shui CD/DVD Course

It's Risk Free!
Diamond Feng Shui Digital Course

It's Risk Free!

Energize your home and workplace with Level One

Take advantage of how energy responds to you personally—both positively and negatively—by using your Personal Energy Number. Experience greater success, better health, stronger relationships, and spiritual growth almost immediately.

Further increase fortune for you and for your family and co-workers. Diamond Feng Shui combines classical Feng Shui with 24 aspects of human experience, which Marie calls the Facets of the Diamond. In Level One you enhance the yang Diamond Facets by harnessing the active energy of your environment and reducing misfortune caused by weak, stagnant energy.

Experience quicker manifestation with Level Two

Expand your awareness of energy and quicken manifestation of what you desire. In Level One you deal with the active male energy called yang. But you need both yin and yang. That's the way the universe works. In Level Two you bring in this important aspect, and the results can be stunning.

The Energy Facets video set that comes with Level Two ties together everything you learn in Level One with Level Two to make sure you understand it with the least amount of effort. On all video sets in the course, you not only experience Marie in the Learning Strategies Diamond Feng Shui Retreat, but you follow Marie into real homes where you see her applying this vast body of knowledge.

Harness the energy around you for fantastic success, health, relationships, and personal growth with Level Three

Investigate an exceedingly powerful energy that establishes itself in your home or workplace as Abundance Stars and Disaster Stars. Use Diamond Time Feng Shui to prevail over 20-year, one-year, and one-month cycles of energy so that you will always be in the right place at the right time.

In Essentials you work to enhance the flow of your own energy. In Levels One and Two you work with the energy in your home and workplace so that it flows in your favor. In Level Three you get into an entirely different realm of Feng Shui energy that twists and turns with time. Time Feng Shui is the most powerful, but you really can't do much with it until you've massaged your personal energy and the energy of your home and workplace. That's why it is step three in the Diamond Feng Shui system.

Diamond Feng Shui CD/DVD Course

It's Risk Free!

Diamond Feng Shui Digital Course

It's Risk Free!




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