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Aura Seeing Brian Osborne and Paul Scheele

Aura Seeing
Course Contents

An 82-page manual
23 Charts & Diagrams for Eye Training
Audio Set 1 - Aura Seeing Introduction
Audio Set 2 - Establishing Your Gazing Practice
Audio Set 3 - Enhancing Your Perceptual Abilities
Audio Set 4 - Improving Your Ability to See Light
Audio Set 5 - Perceiving Color, Achieving Balance
Audio Set 6 - Accessing Greater Energy
Audio Set 7 - Balancing Your Energy
Audio Set 8 - Refining Your Perception
Audio Set 9 - ­Moving Forward with Your Practice
Audio Set 10 - Fast Finish Session 1
Audio Set 11 - Fast Finish Session 2
7 Meditations and a Paraliminal

Experience the luminous world
beyond ordinary sight

Our unique and fascinating Aura Seeing personal learning course by Brian Osborne will help you reconnect with your natural ability to see the underlying energy of the universe. This subtle energy, or Qi, runs through you and every human being, plant, animal, and object that exists, yet it goes unnoticed by most people.

This light remains invisible to the untrained eye, but to the trained eye, an aura can appear luminous, brilliant, and colorful. And now you can learn to coax your brain into perceiving and processing a wider spectrum of these energetic vibrations, so you can see into the essence of whatever you are looking at—a person, your pet, a plant, a treasured memento, or something as basic as a chair.

Aura Seeing CD Course

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Aura Seeing Digital Course

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