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Contents of
Changing the Paradigm:
Volume One: Seeds of Enlightenment
Introduction – Prepare you for your journey
Guide booklet – A 47 page reference booklet to get you started and enhance your journey
Meditation 1 – Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment
Meditation 2 – Intention and Feedback
Meditation 3 – Overcoming Limitation
Meditation 4 – Energy Centers
Meditation 5 – Energy Bodies
Meditation 6 – Trust and Surrender
Meditation 7 – Changing the Paradigm
Meditation 8 – Benevolent Intelligence
Volume Two: Embracing Freedom
Introduction – Prepare you for the next step in your journey
Guide booklet – A 48 page reference booklet to guide you in your journey
Meditation 1 – Willing and Allowing
Meditation 2 – Holding Consciousness Steady
Meditation 3 – Clear-Light Mind
Meditation 4 – Meaning
Meditation 5 – Physical Body
Meditation 6 – Self-Acceptance
Meditation 7 – Self-Responsibility
Meditation 8 – Balance
Meditation 9 – Humility
Meditation 10 – Confidence
Meditation 11 – The Nature of Giving
Meditation 12 – Unseen Helpers
Embracing Freedom Conclusion
Volume Three: Infinite Grace
Introduction – Prepare you for the next step in your journey
Guide booklet – A 24 page reference booklet to guide you in your journey
Meditation 1 – Expansion
Meditation 2 – Light
Meditation 3 – Harmony
Meditation 4 – Love
Meditation 5 – Beauty
Meditation 6 – Reverence
Meditation 7 – Wisdom
Meditation 8 – Grace
Meditation 9 – Blessing


Enjoy the first CD of
Seeds of Enlightenment
with our compliments

Sit back, relax, and experience meditation one: Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment.

Hear Jeddah's soothing voice for yourself as she explains Seeds of Enlightenment.

As you do the first meditation, you become conscious of your awareness by sitting in the present moment. You experience firsthand how you create your moment-to-moment reality. Your reality doesn't happen to you, you create it through the sea of awareness.

Listen to the three tracks from CD 1 of Jeddah Mali's Seeds of Enlightenment
Meditation 1: Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment
Music MP3s

Seeds of Enlightenment:
The Truth of Universal Consciousness

Changing the Paradigm Series: Audio CD Program

Close your eyes while sitting in a relaxed environment. You'll experience how every alteration in your thoughts affects your awareness, the energy all around. Layer after layer of resistance will dissipate. Limitations will fall by the wayside. Restricting beliefs about your life and everything in it disintegrate. Automatically. With no effort.

Acclaimed Spiritual Master, Jeddah Mali guides and teaches you all of this and more, in real time. As she speaks, you experience what she means immediately in meditation. You can now get the first volume of Jeddah's teachings in an unmatched collection of eight exquisite meditations called Seeds of Enlightenment. It is truly unlike anything you have ever experienced.

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Changing the Paradigm CD Course

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