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Join Echo Bodine and "Your Soul's Journey"

Some people think the "spiritual world" was an idea made up by poets, mystics, or various religions.
But you know it is for real. It's not made up.
Some of the knowing is from your experiences and some by faith.
In the upcoming weeks you will have a unique opportunity to look at your soul's journey through a special teleseminar series beginning NEXT THURSDAY.
Here is a brief description of the four, soul-searching sessions.
Session 1
Life before life
Does everyone have a soul? What does it look like? Does it die?
What are new souls and old souls? Are there different "levels" or "grades" of souls?
We will look at preparing for our new life on Earth, and why life is often called "The School Called Earth."
We will discuss meeting with the Elders and our Akashic records to plan what we want to accomplish in our new life, the people we want to connect with, the karmic debts we need to pay off and what our goals are.
Session 2
Birth and our new life from the soul's perspective
What are the reasons behind the challenges, especially relationship and work issues? We'll look at many forms of trauma, suffering, and resistance in our lives including poverty, emotions, unhealthy patterns, health issues, and abuse…all while learning to experience happiness.
We will explore life from the perspective of the human conscious and the subconscious soul mind.
And we will look at how we can help others on a soul level.
Session 3
The Dying Process
Does our soul decide when it is time to die? What if we don't want to die?
Is dying long? Is it short? What does it feel like? What is the soul doing as our bodies prepare to shut down? When the body dies, does the soul leave quickly or linger?
Should we look at death as a graduation?
What about suicide, abortion, accidents, and murder?
Session 4
Life on the other side
We will look at the journey to Heaven and what it's like living there.
Does the soul grieve its former life?
Do we meet our old friends and family members?
Are our pets there to greet us?
Can we visit our living loved ones once we have passed on?
What about hell?
Is there hope for the future?
Your teacher is 11-book author and mentor Echo Bodine, who led our summer Living by Intuition program. It was a break-out program that taught very specific techniques to find and listen to your intuition.
Echo's approach was refreshing, down-to-earth practical, and welcomed by the hundreds who participated in this online training. We are delighted to have her back.
When Echo proposed this new program, Your Soul's Journey, I was ecstatic. Our friends like you have been asking these questions over and over. Curiosity is very high. Echo is the perfect mentor for you, because she has the first-hand experience to answer questions and give you clarity.
These four sessions begin next Thursday at 6:00 p.m. U.S. Central Time and will continue into December.
Thursday - November 17
(we'll break for Thanksgiving)
Thursday - December 1
Thursday - December 8
Thursday - December 15
Your Soul's Journey Teleseminar (Digital)
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The holidays! What a beautiful time to explore these ideas.
Each session will meet for about 90 minutes. You'll be able to listen online or over the telephone. And…you'll be able to ask questions. You will have recordings of each session available so that you can listen again and again.
You will be supported by a 30-day money-back, satisfaction guarantee. This means that after you finish the program, you may request a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your experiences with Echo.
"Your Soul's Journey" begins next Thursday
So, please raise your hand and enroll right now.
I will be on each call live with you, except for one when I will be traveling to another seminar, myself. (Yes, I'm always looking for great teachers and mentors to share with you.) I am very eager to learn from Echo right along with you.
Looking forward to being on with you next Thursday.
For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette
President, Learning Strategies