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PhotoReading & Genius Code Seminars March 2021 Recordings

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If you want to tap into the unlimited resources of your genius mind, there is no one better suited for you than Paul Scheele, creator of so many powerful programs.

In March 2021 Paul taught our most popular back-to-back brain-enhancing seminars. PhotoReading/Power PhotoReading and Genius Code!


  • Be a joyful master of information, and not a slave to it.
  • Improve your memory and sharpen concentration.
  • Outfox your conscious mind that often works to sabotage and restrict your efforts.
  • Get solutions from your inner mind, before your conscious mind has a chance to filter and discard them.
  • Clear inner communication channels to heighten intuition and make it easier to trust.

Genius Code

  • Tune into the world around you with the stunning accuracy of a gifted psychic.
  • Stimulate mighty bursts of creativity to think outside of the box.
  • Get into the heads of experts in any field and actually view your situation from their perspective.
  • Improve visual thinking skills.
  • Make your sixth sense as available and expedient as your other five senses.

Absorb information with greater comprehension and retention

Learn and comprehend your reading material at least 3 times faster than you do now!

PhotoReading is the super-fast learning technology that helps you absorb information at least three times faster than you can now.

PhotoReading is faster than speed reading, systematically easier, and more effective.

Whether it is books, magazines, computer documents, or even complicated business and technical information, you’ll absorb it as fast as you can turn the pages, and remember it for years.

Paul will lead you through PhotoReading experiences in a seminar that will forever change how you look at information, how you process it, and how you reap the rewards of putting knowledge into action.

Power through a stack of books

On the third day Paul will teach you “Syntopic Reading.” You will open the secrets to synthesizing large volumes of information on a single topic in a few hours.

This is obviously beyond useful for students... professionals needing to amass information on a new industry, technology, or competitor... homeowners wanting to build their own home... people wanting to better understand their investments... anyone wanting to know a heck of a lot about something in a short period of time.

If you’re like others, you’ll find your confidence with PhotoReading soaring when you do syntopic reading with Paul and see how much you can learn from multiple books processed at the same time!

Improve virtually all aspects of mental competency

You will then move into two optional days exploring our Genius Code protocols that not only bridge your conscious and nonconscious mind but also provide one of the best avenues for taking PhotoReading to higher levels!

Plus... Learn to think like an expert in any field you choose... Come up with an explosion of ideas and creative brainstorms for any goal or project... Advance your career and increase harmony in your personal life... Absorb and learn information at high speeds... And be able to achieve all the goals you set for yourself with amazing ease because of a remarkably simple process called “Image Streaming.”

With Image Streaming you tap into that unending flow of images and thoughts, personal to you, that flow from your mind. They contain insights and solutions to what’s going on in your life, from the silly to the mundane to the vital.

When you 1) develop your Image Stream and 2) unlock the code to understand what the messages mean, you will find yourself consistently performing at higher levels. Paul calls this "genius-level thinking."

You'll love the "Borrowed Genius" exercise. You can get into the head of an expert or a genius in any field you want and view your problem, opportunity, or situation from the expert's point of view. Talk about breakthrough perspectives!

A related exercise, "Advanced Civilization," can stimulate mighty bursts of creativity. If you ever think, "I can't possibly do ______," use this exercise. Inevitably, you will discover how to do it. This mental exercise gets you thinking outside of any box!

Another mental exercise of the Genius Code is the "Psi-Pothesis," which stimulates provocative, near-psychic abilities.

There is tremendous value in what simply flows through your mind. You’re going to learn how to interpret it... build on it... and use it for real-life gain.

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PhotoReading & Genius Code March 2021 Seminar Digital Videos
both seminars taught by the developer Paul Scheele, PhD via Zoom
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PhotoReading March 2021 Seminar Digital Videos
taught by the developer of PhotoReading, Paul Scheele, PhD via Zoom
10 payments of $75.00
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Genius Code March Seminar 2021 Digital Videos
taught by the co-developer of Genius Code, Paul Scheele, PhD via Zoom
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