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How do you change a behavior?

You can’t.

Not even with willpower, discipline, visualizations, or behavior modification.

Instead, you must generate a new behavior…and you do this by creating new “synapses” in your brain. It sounds technical, but keep reading, because it is fascinating.

Change is only hard when you try to change unwanted behaviors and habits rather than changing your brain to produce new ones. Change has been hard merely because you’ve gone about it the wrong way.

Old behaviors and habits are hardwired into your brain’s synapses. When you tell your brain to act in a familiar way, it automatically chooses your familiar results and resists if you try to change what’s already there. But it’s possible to develop wholly new synapses, leading to new behaviors that do exactly what you want them to do, without resistance.

Now, in our brand-new program, The How of Change, you will learn…

How to consciously program your brain to get the outcomes and behaviors you seek without resistance

This means you can do it consciously, with choice, whenever you want, in minutes, AND permanently.

All by using your brain’s own physiology to generate the change

It is possible for you to successfully and easily form new habits and end old ones. And in The How of Change you will learn to program your brain to generate new synapses leading to new choices.

Your guide and mentor, Sharon Drew Morgen, offers a hands-on, step-by-step learning experience to consciously create a roadmap to your best self. You will learn to make new choices whenever you want while avoiding resistance, struggle, and failure.

Right now, your nonconscious brain makes choices for you. Sharon Drew will teach you how to consciously change your brain and keep the change.

How not to end up frustrated

You often end up with what you want. But sometimes, especially when you attempt to change habits that no longer work for you, you get frustrated.

You want to change, but because a synapse for the habit is already there, it’s not changeable.  Each of your 1,000 trillion synapses has one idea, one behavior, one habit, and they are permanently programmed in your brain.

So when we try to change a behavior by trying to change a behavior, we come up short unless we can teach our brain to generate new synapses that create new activities, new behaviors. And The How of Change will teach you HOW.

In the new, live The How of Change program you change that forever. It is possible to:

  • Choose the specific signals your brain needs to elicit the results you want.
  • Use your own historic, successful patterns to duplicate new successful choices at will. (In other words, your past successes hold priceless insights to future successes.)
  • Make your unconscious choices conscious, so you can choose to  generate any outcome you seek.
  • Generate new skills, new beliefs, new habits, at will with no resistance or self-sabotage.
  • Enhance willpower, visualizations, behavior modification, NLP, and tapping.
  • Learn HOW to design your own roadmap to create conscious choice in the brain by framing goals precisely, eliciting the most effective beliefs, and acquiring new knowledge in a way the brain prefers.

It sounds complicated, but…
it is very straightforward to do

In The How of Change our newest mentor, Sharon Drew Morgen – an original thinker who has developed change programs for decades - will lead you to reprogram your brain and make your unconscious conscious, making it possible to construct new pathways for what you want to achieve.

Instead of pushing against your brain, you’ll learn how to use your own unconscious patterns, your own beliefs, your own knowledge acquisition and habits, to generate successful outcomes, create new synapses, trigger new behaviors, and get rid of unwanted habits.

Isn’t that what we all want?!

Join us for these 5 sessions

We will be together in June for five breakthrough sessions.

Session 1
Understanding how brains generate change and how you can intervene.

  • What are behaviors? How are they generated?
  • The physiology of behavior: how your brain regulates what you do.
  • Why you can’t change a behavior by changing a behavior, and what to do instead.
  • What is change? What is a habit?
  • Introduction to the brain’s components: Cues, Filters, Risk, Trial Loops.
  • Making the unconscious conscious: how you can consciously generate new behaviors.
  • Documenting the flow: the physiology of change.
  • Understanding how you choose: using “Self” and “Observer” as diagnostic tools.

Session 2
Recording your path to change.

  • Capturing the ‘how’: tracing your steps that unconsciously determine your behaviors.
  • Cues: how you verbalize your goals and the role it plays in determining success or disappointment.
  • How your Identity and Beliefs assign unconscious risk, and how to moderate it.
  • Trial loops: acquiring new knowledge, practicing new behaviors, and weighing risk and failure while learning.

Session 3
Choice, systems, hierarchy of beliefs: the importance of internal balance and its role in change.

  • Systems Congruence and Homeostasis: why and how your brain fights to maintain the status quo.
  • How your unconscious systems protect you.
  • Hierarchy of Beliefs: how you prioritize and weigh your principles, morals, and convictions.
  • Bad habits don’t begin as bad habits: how to impede unsuccessful habits and generate new behaviors.
  • How you create your own resistance and sabotage; how to recognize it early and avoid it.

Session 4
Design your path to new results demand.

  • Making your unconscious journey conscious to uncover choice points.
  • Wording the Cue: the rules to formulating your input to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Managing the Hierarchy of Beliefs: choosing your best filters to enable new behavior/habit formation.
  • Populate your new flow charts with your most effective elements for success.

Session 5
Using your flow chart for any new learning or behavior.

  • Finalizing best Cues, Identity and Belief elements, Trial Loops, and Learning Habits.
  • Testing your new flow chart with new goals to ensure desired outcomes.
  • Wrapping it up: takeaways and conclusions.

How it works

You can watch online or listen on the telephone. Recordings will be available for when you cannot join us live. Be sure to do the sessions in order.

The five sessions will be between 60 and 90 minutes each.

Each session begins at 1:00 p.m. Central Time on these dates:

Session 1 - Thursday, June 6
Session 2 - Tuesday, June 11
Session 3 - Thursday, June 13
Session 4 - Tuesday, June 18
Session 5 - Thursday, June 20

The How of Change Teleseminar
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You will receive immediate access to five audio interviews with Sharon Drew to help you become familiar with her unique approach.

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You may go through the entire program. If you are not completely satisfied you may request a refund of everything you’ve paid. Simply get back to us before Friday, June 28. And, yes, if you have any questions as you go through the program, you may reach out for complimentary support.

What can The How of Change mean for you?

We’ve all had goals we failed to achieve. It would most often come down to behaviors and habits that did not fit with our goals.

It’s like wanting to lose weight, but not being able to give up potato chips.

Or, wanting to get in shape, but not being able to consistently get to the club.

Or, wanting to save more for retirement, but not being able to control expenses.

Or, wanting to repaint the house, but not finding the time.

Or, wanting to take a vacation, but never actually planning it.

And that’s all good news, because as you will learn from Sharon Drew, within the disappointments lie the path for your success. Follow the path, and it will be infinitely easier to take on behaviors and habits that will give you the life you want for yourself.

It’s all about using your brain differently to get the results you want.

Your Personal Magic Formula for Success

During The How of Change you will examine your triumphs and your disappointments. This will help you uncover your personal magic formula for success. Yours will be different from mine, and mine will be different from the next person, but it is Sharon Drew’s process that will shine the spotlight on your brain-changing, life-changing formula.

This program is for anyone who wants different results in theirs lives (that means all of us!).

It is also for trainers, coaches, counselors, teachers, and parents who want to help others find their formula for success…their How of Change.

What others say about The How of Change

“How often have your change efforts failed? I love reading Sharon Drew Morgen's insights and wisdom in this area. She is absolutely brilliant bringing non status quo effective change methods to the table. Be sure to follow Sharon Drew if you truly want impact.” – Dr. Thomas Dahlberg

“I've never experienced anything like this before. I now know exactly how I've unconsciously caused my own success and failures, and how my brain makes choices for me.  In this program I've been given the tools to be able to intervene and make conscious choices for myself.” – Biz Burnette

“This is a deep dive into how we unconsciously generate our behaviors and how to make conscious choices to generate the exact ones we want. I never knew this was possible. Now I know why I have made bad decisions and how I ended up with bad habits. But now I have the tools to change my brain to get the outcomes I want. Why didn’t anyone teach me this before?” – Nhadine Gardner

“I originally resisted this program because Sharon Drew said we'd be working with my unconscious brain stuff and I thought it would be boring. And yes, Sharon Drew took me into my brain. But it was so exciting, and Sharon Drew made it such fun that I couldn't wait to take the next ones so I could keep learning. In this program I eventually charted my own path through my unconscious so I could generate successful behaviors consciously. Who knew!” – Kim Swensen

“Where has Sharon Drew been all my life? I've always tried to change my behaviors by trying to change my behaviors, and now I know why I failed and what to do instead. And after trying for years to lose weight, Sharon Drew taught me how to develop new synapses that make me, and keep me, a healthy person for life at my optimal weight. And I can use the new model to achieve whatever I want. I never realized how much fun I could have reorganizing my brain.” – Jessica Coons

“Sharon Drew helped me decode my brain and how I make unconscious choices. This is so far beyond anything I even knew was possible - she actually went into the 'how' of what my brain does unconsciously and what I can do to make the conscious choices to achieve the behaviors and habits I want to get. I'll be able to use my new tool for the rest of my life. Thank you Sharon Drew.” – Bridget Bayer

“I was a skeptic. When she told me she could teach me how to create a personal road map to have success any time I wanted to do anything new, or easily construct a new habit that succeeds, I resisted. I was wrong to doubt her. The change model she’s come up with is unique, the information gave me knowledge I never even thought of before, and I indeed developed a model for excellence. I love this stuff.” – Corregan Brown

You’ve probably never…

…met anyone like Sharon Drew Morgen. I haven’t. She is absolutely brilliant in how she understands the working of the brain. Her style is nonconforming.  You might think, “Wow, what’s going on?” Just know she is fully committed to your personal growth, and when you follow her teachings you’ll be amazed. She’s spent her career working within corporations achieving bold results, and now Sharon Drew’s focus is on you.

If you truly want different results in any area of your life, be a part of this training. If you go through the training and don’t find yourself immensely satisfied, you may ask for a refund of everything you paid. Just let us know by Friday, June 28.

For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette
President & Student

The How of Change Teleseminar
10 payments of $24.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!

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