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#68710 - 09/23/08 11:32 PM Re: HFNR - 1 Focus on Solution [Re: Alex K. Viefhaus]
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You know funny things can happen when you do favors from your heart. When my wife and I were getting divorced I did favors for her all the time, my friends told me that I was getting used by her and should stop helping her because she was a lost cause. Well the truth is I never felt used because I was doing it from my heart and didnít look for anything in return. Although most of the time when you do something for someone it comes back to you from somewhere else in this case it came back from my wife, we remarried 10 months later. You never know the end result of the things you put out into the universe right away; sometimes you can make changes in someoneís life and not see it till later. Just do whatís in your heart and allow the universe to create the results.

#68724 - 09/24/08 02:28 AM Re: HFNR - 1 Focus on Solution [Re: E Rod]
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#70054 - 12/27/08 01:41 PM Re: HFNR - 1 Focus on Solution [Re: msbeth20]
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[quote=msbeth20]Now the exercise:

The situation that I am most unsatisfied with is my relationship with my husband. After 30 years and 3 kids, We seemed to be pretty much strangers. He has always been very negative. He can find something to criticize about anything. I had reached a point that every time I heard him drive up, I would think, "Great, Mr Happy is home." The only reason I rated this a 2 instead of 1 is that we don't fight. (I heard enough of that growing up.) In fact, we don't do much of anything.

The biggest impact on this situation came when I got to the chapter on The Pillar of the Heart. On day, when I heard him drive up, I sent him wishes for happiness and health. A different man walked in the door. We had conversation at dinner and even a few laughs. He now will even seek me out to talk or just spend time. Who knew? All this time I thought it was him that needed to change. But it was me that needed changing. At this point, I would rate the situation a 5.

In order to keep improving, I will continue to lead with my heart. I will send out love and good wishes instead of resentment. I am even planting the seeds that this is something he can choose for himself, too. [/quote

Good day. This is my first look into this forum and voila I choose this to view. Thank you for re-affirming for me that this approach does affect change. I am of the belief that I create /attract what is in my life and I am responsible for how I interact and the energy I give out.

In my relationship where we have many differences in lifestyle I have questioned the rightness of my staying, yet deeply love my partner. My thoughts often were about what I didn't like, didn't want and the resentments I carried.

Guess what... when I think loving thoughts, focus on what I do want and treat him with the love and care I want for me, our relationship improves. I can draw good energy with "good" thinking. Keys: watch how I do this relationship, stay conscious and let whatever happens be okay.

We are the heartbeat of the Universe. Our thoughts create things. Be conscious. Live large!

#73537 - 08/30/09 03:31 AM Re: HFNR - 1 Focus on Solution [Re: msbeth20]
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I am hoping that you can report more since that last posting. It seems we may have some similar things going on in our marriages. Hope it got better and better for you guys.


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