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#10961 - 02/17/99 04:34 AM Free For All Links...Please...Please...STOP!!!!
Cat Offline

Registered: 02/17/99
Posts: 7
Loc: Canada
Hi folks,

I have learned a bit about CGI scripting and had a links page on my family web site for quite a while. It was Matt's Free For All Link script. I was forced to remove this script as someone had a robot or something link to the script and add all sorts of unrelated links.

Since this was a small script with no locking mechanisms to prevent this kind of thing, it ended up crashing the original links page and making it useless but continued to post links to the data base until it ended up being over 6 megs!

I had to remove the script as it was not capable of handling this kind of traffic. It was a personal site and not meant for this kind of traffic.

In hopes that this was a one off, I have since set up another Free For All Links page for the St. John Ambulance folks in this area. I feel they have done good work in our community and deserve our support. However, the same thing is starting to happen to this links page as well.

The bottom line is that this is a personal site and meant to have folks add only St. John Ambulance related sites. This activity is causing quite a problem and if it doesn't stop I will be forced to remove this script as well. That would be a shame and I hate to do that.

I followed one of the links and it took me here. If this is the origin of where these links are being generated I would like to make an appeal to the person that is doing this.

Please leave our personal private web sites alone. We don't have the ability to fight back. Our only option is to close the pages down. These sites are not high volume sites and don't get a lot of traffic so the reason for adding them is even suspect.

I appeal to your good nature....Please let us have our links pages?

My thanks in advance,

Cat =^..^=

Catharina Hogarth,

#10962 - 03/27/99 07:56 AM Re: Free For All Links...Please...Please...STOP!!!!
SteveG Offline

Registered: 03/27/99
Posts: 2
Loc: san jose,ca. usa
Hi Cat,
Unfortunately, Free For All links have turned into a lucrative business tool with software programs such as FFABlaster, Web Promotion Spiders, and online services designed specifically to search out Free for all links (or FFA's) and post an ad. Alot, and I mean ALOT of small business are using them, once your FFA is found, expect your link traffic to explode with nonstop ads. As far as I know, there's no real way of avoiding this besides just putting up a link page that you hand coded.

No solution, but I hope I offered some insight with what was going on with your page.


#10963 - 09/22/99 01:46 PM Re: Free For All Links...Please...Please...STOP!!!!
Kathy Offline

Registered: 09/22/99
Posts: 5
Loc: Fort Worth,Texas, USA
What is a private link page for? Is it used more like a message board? If so, SmartBotPro has added free message boards to their service when you sign up for a free autoresponder or their is the Business Resource Center(BRC Pages) that are private and only promoted by you with the URL to link to but I can't find their URL. kathy


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