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Wasting Time

by Pete Bissonette

When you have places to go, things to do, and people to see, it is good to be conscious about your time.

I’ve heard from too many clients who can’t get projects at work done on time… or constantly say things like “I’m too tired to do the dishes, I’ll watch TV instead.” “I never have enough time for everything I have to do.” “Something always gets in the way.” “I’d love to learn the guitar or write poetry.” “I should call Mom.”

That’s where the Conscious Time Paraliminal comes in.

It helps you realize the true value of your time so it becomes easier to manage your time in ways that reward you, energize you, and make your life worthwhile. You’ll find yourself wasting a lot less time.

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Tap Your Imagination for Greater Success

by Pete Bissonette

When you were eight years old, what did you imagine you would become?

A veterinarian, musician, or astronaut? Maybe all three?

Do you still engage your creative imagination to achieve your goals today? It may be a good indicator of how sharp your memory is.

According to a Harvard University study, your ability to create imaginative scenarios is directly linked to your ability to remember details from the past.

Your episodic memory, which recalls your personal accounts of the past, is also responsible for projecting yourself into the future. In order to imagine future scenarios, the researchers explain, you must be able to extract details from the past and repurpose them into your imaginary future.

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Too Much on Your Mind?

by Pete Bissonette

We pile a lot on our mind and usually without thinking about it.

Concerns about the weather and what might happen next.

More projects at home than you can possibly do yourself or even afford.

A friend is drinking too much.

A family member has a chronic health condition.

Pressures keep building at work.

On and on.

When you have too much on your mind, listen to the Letting Go Paraliminal.

The problems don’t necessarily go away, but the load feels lighter. Your emotions are not so thick or tangled. You can get a good night’s sleep.

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How to Break a Habit

by Pete Bissonette

Do you have a habit that is inconsistent with what you want in your life?

* Jay loved his job, but he was late for work at least three days a week. He knew this was inconsistent with the peak performer he dreamed to be.

* Jacob was a waiter at a top restaurant. His tip earnings were always at the top. But he would mouth off at his manager. As a result of this habit, his manager threatened to move Jacob to lunchtime service instead of the lucrative dinnertime service.

* John was a trucker, and he was away from home for weeks at a time. Over the course of years he began picking up women in different parts of the country. While it weighed heavy on his emotions, his wife never found out.

All three had habits that were inconsistent with what they wanted in life, and they turned to Paul Scheele’s Break the Habit Paraliminal.

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Waves of Sadness

by Pete Bissonette

Events in our world can cause waves of sadness. When I feel those waves, I listen to the Gratitude Paraliminal.

It helps open your heart with both gratitude for all aspects of life and love toward yourself and others.

When you express gratitude and love, you radiate goodness, producing soothing health and well-being in your mind, body, emotions, and relationships with others. It counteracts waves of sadness.

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