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Independent Happiness

by Pete Bissonette
People often search for happiness as if it were something to be found outside of themselves. They jump from job to job or from one relationship to the next, all in search of the happiness that seems to elude them. Perhaps you already have every reason to be happy – a dream job, a passionate […]

Releasing limiting emotions about money

by Paul Scheele
Consider using the Emotional Freedom Technique in conjunction with my new Abundant Money Mindset Paraliminal to help you expose and release any limiting emotions you have around money. This method for releasing negative energy was developed by Stanford University graduate Larry Craig and is based on the findings of Dr. Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist […]

Which courses have Paraliminals?

by Pete Bissonette
Paraliminals are part of most of our personal learning courses. They help you resolve common issues and integrate what you learn on a deeper level so that the benefits show up in your daily life. When we create a Paraliminal specifically for a course, we ask over and over, “What can we do to increase […]

The Masquerade Ball

by Pete Bissonette
At a masquerade ball in New Orleans last weekend, I snapped these photos that I thought you would enjoy. We had a blast! Here’s Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, and the brains behind our bestselling programs including PhotoReading, the Paraliminals, Genius Code, Abundance for Life, and Natural Brilliance. Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest […]

Happy for No Reason

by Pete Bissonette
I hope you’ve enjoyed the last couple of weeks of articles that Marci Shimoff wrote on love and love for no reason. I’ve always been amazed by her ability to take on subjects such as happiness and love and then create an easy-to-follow program to allow anyone to bring more of it into their lives. […]

Marci Shimoff on savoring the abundance around you

by Pete Bissonette
On today’s video from here in New Mexico Marci Shimoff shares how savoring what is around you can lead to greater happiness. She created the Happy for No Reason personal learning course and Happy for No Reason Paraliminal. She’s also a co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul books and a featured teacher on The […]

Happy for No Reason in the Wall Street Journal

by Pete Bissonette
Yesterday I promised I would write more about our Abundance for Life course, but Marci Shimoff, author of our Happy For No Reason course, was featured in the Wall Street Journal today where she talked about not walking her talk. On our blog in January I wrote how physical exercise supports a great memory. In […]