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Introducing Spiritual Codes

by Pete Bissonette
We are incredibly pleased to announce a brand new course called Spiritual Codes. We worked with Marie Diamond over five years to create this one-of-a-kind course, and we know you will absolutely love it.  Read on… Which one of these seven statements describes you much more than the remaining six? I use words and ideas […]

After the earthquake…

by Pete Bissonette
We received this fascinating letter from Maria E. Diaz of Canovanas, Puerto Rico (on the outskirts of the Junque Rain Forest). Please read. After a series of earthquakes in 2005, my life began to go to hell. My income took a downturn and so did my health. I suddenly began manifesting severe thyroid deficiency, liver […]

Intuition versus Random Thoughts

by Paul Scheele
To develop your ability to distinguish between the messages from your intuition and random thoughts, consider asking clear questions of your inner intelligence using any of several Yes-No response techniques and tools such as muscle testing, a pendulum, and dowsing rods. These techniques can be used to decide the best time for a vacation, determine […]

Marie Diamond talks about opening your heart

by Pete Bissonette
There’s been a lot of talk about opening your heart, what does it mean, how do you do it, and what are the benefits in day-to-day living such as at work. A few weeks ago Marie Diamond, creator of Diamond Feng Shui and a variety of our other programs, called me for one of our […]

Which courses have Paraliminals?

by Pete Bissonette
Paraliminals are part of most of our personal learning courses. They help you resolve common issues and integrate what you learn on a deeper level so that the benefits show up in your daily life. When we create a Paraliminal specifically for a course, we ask over and over, “What can we do to increase […]

Hearing the flow of your life

by Marie Diamond
As a child I was very lonely. My siblings were much older and I didn’t have that many young children around me. But I had nature, and I had God, and I listened to the world. I loved being in silence and hearing the sounds of the birds, the wind, the animals, and from Spirit. […]

Updated Tips for Dowsers

by Pete Bissonette
When we reprint the Diamond Dowsing manual, we will include this new information: * Marie Diamond now recommends that you dowse your home and workplace every three months, because the earth is shifting.  In the past she was recommending that you dowse every six months. * Those who are very sensitive to energy have been […]

Dowsing through the snow

by Pete Bissonette
After our big snowstorm this past weekend, I headed out to make sure the gas meter wasn’t covered. It is about 150 feet from my house and completely buried. Even the locator pole that stuck up a couple of feet was covered by deep drifting snow. I knew its general location, but the field of […]

How to dowse an office

by Pete Bissonette
In this video Wendy dowses Kristi’s new office. You’ll see how she measures the energy level of the office, how she dowses for stress lines, and how she cures them. She moves awfully fast, which should give you an idea of how second nature dowsing can become. Everything you will see is taught in Marie’s […]

What is Dowsing? (Part 2)

by Pete Bissonette
I should have given you this video the other week when I posted the first “What is Dowsing” article. Enjoy! Pete

Tips for getting higher performance from your dowsing rods

by Pete Bissonette
I surprised Wendy by popping into her office with my camera rolling. She demonstrated a couple of tips/techniques for getting better performance from your rods. If you already have Diamond Dowsing, you’ll appreciate what Wendy shows you. If you are new to it, you’ll appreciate her enthusiasm. Thanks for being a good sport Wendy!! Pete

Dowsing in the classroom?

by Annette Rugolo, Diamond Dowsing Coach
Did you know you can use dowsing in a classroom, seminar room, or any meeting room? You may be familiar with Diamond Dowsing. Thousands of others have already experienced the difference it has made in their lives. I would like to share a recent experience that may help you expand your use of dowsing, especially […]

The interplay of feng shui and dowsing

by Wendy Greer, Success Coach
Most people have never had an assessment of whether their home supports their goals and dreams. It has just been a physical space that contains their stuff, and where they return at night to eat, sleep, and get ready for the next day. When they start working with feng shui, there is usually an incredible […]

Do you have trouble finding energy vortexes?

by Annette Rugolo, Diamond Dowsing Coach
I’ve coached quite a few people whose dowsing abilities are strong finding stress lines, but they are weak finding the negative and positive vortexes.  If you are one of these people, I would like to offer some help. The vortexes are created by the Ley Lines of the earth.  These ley lines create the earth’s etheric body … […]

What is an energy vortex?

by Marie Diamond
An energy vortex is a whirling of energy strongly concentrated at a specific point on earth. The energy radiates in a spiraling cone shape clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the type of vortex. There are two kinds—positive and negative. Positive Energy Vortexes Positive vortexes spiral upward in a clockwise motion and create an enhancing flow […]

What is dowsing?

by Pete Bissonette
Considered both an art form and a science, dowsing has been practiced for thousands of years in cultures throughout the world. In more modern times dowsing has been used by mining companies, engineers, construction workers, farmers and ranchers, and even the armed forces in various countries to find everything from oil to iron ore to […]