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Amplify the Power of Your Thoughts

by Paul Scheele
Your thoughts have a lot more substance than you might think. Researchers found that when people wrote down their thoughts on a piece of paper and then threw the paper away, they mentally discarded the thoughts as well. But those who tucked the paper into their pocket were more likely to use them when later […]

Are You a Walking Light Bulb?

by Pete Bissonette
It is hard for some people to imagine, but every human being emits a certain amount of light. Using extremely sensitive cameras that can detect single photons, Japanese researchers recorded visible light emanating from the bodies of healthy male subjects. “We found that the human body directly and rhythmically emits light,” the researchers said in […]

Transform your gray matter through meditation

by Pete Bissonette
If you meditate, you may know firsthand how it can calm the mind and body, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance self-awareness, and even improve memory. But did you know that meditating can actually change the density of grey matter in areas of your brain that correlate with these beneficial effects—in just eight weeks? That’s what […]

Improve Your Vision?

by Pete Bissonette
When I got to the office on Tuesday, I realized I hadn’t put in my contacts. I had noticed while driving that I wasn’t seeing as well, but I simply thought my sunglasses needed cleaning. The only other time that day I noticed I was without my contacts was when I drove home. I could […]