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Feng Shui for your mother

by Marie Diamond
The greatest gift you can give yourself is uplifting your relationship with your mother. Today I will give you the missing link to make your relationship with your mother sparkle again. These tips from my Diamond Feng Shui personal learning course can also be used by mothers to improve relationships with their children. This article […]

100 Days of Qigong & fun recording

by Pete Bissonette
If you are interested in a breakthrough with your health or energy level, practice Spring Forest Qigong every day for 100 days in a row. It is easier than you might think… Last week during the amazing Spring Forest Qigong Retreat, a participant talked about her experiences with the 100 Days of Qigong chart. You […]

Marie Diamond talks about opening your heart

by Pete Bissonette
There’s been a lot of talk about opening your heart, what does it mean, how do you do it, and what are the benefits in day-to-day living such as at work. A few weeks ago Marie Diamond, creator of Diamond Feng Shui and a variety of our other programs, called me for one of our […]

Paraliminals that can help in a job search

by Pete Bissonette
Paul Scheele conducted a three-part teleseminar series with job-search expert Sue Morem to help people get a new job. You can listen to the recordings free on this page. Part 1: What you need to know about finding a job during this recession Part 2: How to think like a job-search entrepreneur Part 3: How […]

Your infallible GPS

by Pete Bissonette
Jeddah Mali talks about your infallible GPS and the themes that have been rolling through your life as she recapped the first two days of her retreat going on now here in Minnesota. You can listen to a snippet from the retreat here. Enjoy! Pete

Marie Diamond talks about the Spiritual Codes

by Pete Bissonette
You can listen to a conversation that Marie Diamond and I had Sunday morning about the spiritual codes and her retreat coming up in October. It is available for you here. At the retreat you will learn your Spiritual Code to heal any crisis and discover your contribution to humanity. We all fall within seven […]