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Change Your Life in an Instant

by Paul Scheele
In one critical moment you can change your life with no more effort than a shift in a single thought. While in college and working at a hypnosis clinic I was asked to give a presentation to a youth group. The clinic director explained a number of stage hypnosis tricks to improvise an interesting performance. […]

Acknowledge the great job you’re doing

by Pete Bissonette
A sense of closure is so important in appreciating and enjoying who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going.  Please take time to regularly acknowledge the great job you are doing, no matter how small or large the project at hand! Watch this video from our Success Coach Wendy Greer. Pete

Repetitive thoughts can negate possibilities

by Pete Bissonette
You must remember you are not your body, thoughts, emotions, or your roles! If these are bringing you joy, that is great, but change is an integral part of life. Letting repetitive or rigid thoughts, emotions, or roles define you negates other possibilities. Is anything keeping you from flowing with changes that are occurring in […]

Beliefs that drive your world

by Pete Bissonette
Today we’ll look at beliefs that drive your world, and how assumptions repeated over and over become entrenched. They begin to define our “Truth.” Success coach Wendy Greer will explore these beliefs with you in this 15-minute video. She’ll give you seven steps to recognize where you are and tools that can help you move […]

Putting your purpose into action

by Pete Bissonette
As you think about your primary goal for next year, keep the seven conditions of a well formed goal in mind.  This will help bring to life your personal mission statement or life purpose from the previous blog post.  Follow coach Wendy Greer’s guidance in this video and you’ll take an altruistic overview, creating an […]

Are your goals sustainable?

by Wendy Greer, Success Coach
I have a video coaching session for you on making sure your goals and dreams are sustainable. Please watch the video, do the ”Groundhog Day exercise,” and then keep reading below. When you do goal setting, it’s great to set ambitious and magnificent goals, but the way you plan to get there needs to be […]

How feelings awaken abundance

by Paul Scheele
Throughout the Abundance for Life course, we break trances to raise the energetic level of your body/mind and free the abundance of energy you have had locked down in self-limiting beliefs. This energy is the abundant wealth that is yours to express in the world, to use in creating the life you choose. One of […]

Three questions for abundance

by Paul Scheele
I am going to ask you three questions, and I request that you imagine the answer. Then, for each question, I will ask that you rate where you are now on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the full realization that you have arrived at the perfect future and 1 is not […]

“Dear Learning Strategies”

by Pete Bissonette
Dear Learning Strategies, I would like to thank you for being so fantastically great! Your vision and mission is truly commendable and effective.  I love that you combine so many areas of learning and life to a beautiful symphony of growth and expansion. I have been fortunate to participate in the PhotoReading Seminar in April […]

Expand your sixth energy center for greater intuition

by Paul Scheele
You may find the “Energy Centers” meditation in Jeddah Mali’s Seeds of Enlightenment helpful in building your intuitive abilities. Jeddah Mali teaches how the body accesses the full spectrum of awareness through the major energy centers, including the sixth center in the middle of the head. This energy center is connected to our creativity, imagination, […]

Which courses have Paraliminals?

by Pete Bissonette
Paraliminals are part of most of our personal learning courses. They help you resolve common issues and integrate what you learn on a deeper level so that the benefits show up in your daily life. When we create a Paraliminal specifically for a course, we ask over and over, “What can we do to increase […]

The Masquerade Ball

by Pete Bissonette
At a masquerade ball in New Orleans last weekend, I snapped these photos that I thought you would enjoy. We had a blast! Here’s Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, and the brains behind our bestselling programs including PhotoReading, the Paraliminals, Genius Code, Abundance for Life, and Natural Brilliance. Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest […]

Create your goals—your choices—for the new year

by Paul Scheele
We see it every day here at Learning Strategies when clients call in for free coaching. Those who set goals achieve more and have happier lives. So, today you are in luck! It’s the beginning of a new year. Take time this weekend to set your goals and choose what you want in your life. […]

Minimum/Target/Outrageous method of goal setting

by Pete Bissonette
If there has ever been a breakthrough method for goal setting, this is it. MTO – Minimum, Target, Outrageous. We’ve been using that at Learning Strategies for years, and I’d like Raymond Aaron, who developed the system, to tell you how it works. This method has been incorporated into many of our programs including Clear Mind, […]

Turn complaining into prospering

by Pete Bissonette
At our recent Four Masters weekend, a client said, “As soon as I quit complaining and started asking What do I want instead?, the feeling of my life changed and before I knew it—probably within a couple of months, I started seeing abundance as I had hoped.” She made a list of everything she wanted […]

Payback Time for your abundance

by Pete Bissonette
When I heard that Phil Town’s new book Payback Time would be released this week during our focus on abundance, I immediately asked Paul if he would interview him for the blog from “the Learning Strategies perspective.” He jumped at it, and he recorded the conversation yesterday. You can listen to the full interview right […]

Waste Less Time and Be More Abundant

by Michael Linenberger
Do you have major “abundance blockers”—stubborn habits or blind spots that prevent you from reaching the things you want? Nearly all of us do. And it is clear that some of the biggest abundance blockers stem from our wasting time by working inefficiently.  I asked Michael Linenberger to give us ideas that we can implement […]

Communicating directly with your brain for abundance

by Paul Scheele
Imagery is powerful. Our brains use it to communicate with us nightly. We use it hundreds of times a day, generally without being aware of it. Our images, however, are direct communications from the whole body. Our imaginings are symbols not only for what is going on in our heads at the moment but also […]

Expanded Brain Functioning

by Paul Scheele
The human brain produces electrical frequencies. These waves of electrical energy can be measured in Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second (cps). The brain normally operates in a range of frequencies from 1 to 30-plus cps. We associate smaller frequency modes within the normal range with a variety of specific brain functions or capabilities. Similar […]

The Positive Power of Small Steps

by Pete Bissonette
Inch by inch, everything’s a cinch. This widely established truth holds a key to abundance and prosperity as Mark McKergow, co-author of Solutions Focus, highlights in this brief video. I was with Mark in January. His work is an integral part of our Abundance for Life course. I asked him for a fundamental principle of […]

Use inspired intuition to manifest your vision

by Paul Scheele
Intuitive inspiration will guide you in what you need to do to manifest your vision. When you ask what the next step in manifesting your vision or goal, take the question inside and meditate by stilling the intellect and focusing on a single point. Going inside merges the conscious mind with the infinite wisdom available […]

How to accelerate your abundance

by Pete Bissonette
I had a delightful surprise this morning. Knowing I would be writing about abundance I dialed through the seven meditations that Paul created for Abundance for Life on my iPod. I chose to listen to Meditation #4 on the heart energy center, Your Potential, which helps you be in service to others. (This, by the […]

The Blueprint for Abundance

by Pete Bissonette
Imagine that you are on a journey, and you have just landed at an airport to change planes. Leave the baggage of your past behind! It is time to step away from the suitcases of stories that define your life. My spouse shouldn’t have treated me that way. My child shouldn’t hang around with that […]

What keeps away your abundance

by Pete Bissonette
We all want abundance, so for the next couple of weeks we’ll look at the topic from several perspectives. I want to begin talking about Paul Scheele’s Abundance for Life  course, because the foundation it lays for you is so important. The first three blog posts will be mostly informational. The more you understand the […]