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Best Ways to use your Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals

by Pete Bissonette

Okay…so you have a magnificent stack of Paraliminals. How can you use them to receive the most benefit and see significant gains in your life? Here are three ways that have worked well for others.

#1 – Goals first

Think of one, two, or three goals for which you’d like to see great progress from using the Paraliminals.

Make a time commitment for using the Paraliminals. Choose at least a month, but you might choose three months, six months, or even a year. You can adjust your time commitment later.

Look at each Paraliminal. Ask yourself how using that Paraliminal can help you toward your goals.  Write down how often you should listen to the Paraliminal and over what period of time. Write down which goal you had in mind for that Paraliminal.

When you are finished going through all of the Paraliminals that you have, start inserting them into your calendar, so that you know which ones you will listen to on which days.

You can listen to as many each day as you’d like, but please set yourself up for success, not overwhelm. Always give yourself at least 20 minutes between each listening. When working on major goals, keep a day’s listening focused on one of the goals.

Instead of using a traditional calendar, you may want to simply list the days on sheets of paper as Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc. This way when you skip a day—for whatever reason—you don’t have to miss the sessions that you had scheduled.  You can easily pick up where you left off. Determine now how many days in a row would be acceptable for you to miss. I way say missing one or two days in a row is fine, but no more, because you want momentum to be working for you.

This is the point you might want to reconsider your time commitment. Did you give yourself enough time? Not enough time? Adjust your commitment up or down based on which Paraliminals you want to use and when.

Each time you listen to a session on your calendar, check it off!  Consider writing down insights and ahas you received.

If your commitment period is three months or more, take a few minutes right now to write a letter to yourself. Talk about how your life is now, especially as it relates to your goals. Be as specific as possible. Then seal it in an envelope and write a note to yourself to open it on such and such of day. Have it be three months, six months, or a year down the road, whatever your time commitment. When reading the letter at the end, you’ll get a clear understanding of the progress you’ve made. Sometimes progress is subtle and you might not notice it on a day to day basis, but you will see how far you come when you read your letter.

#2 Paraliminals first

Here’s another approach that is not necessarily directed to your main goals. Begin with your stack of Paraliminals. Look at the first one. How might you use it? What would you like to accomplish with it? Write it down, and go on to the next Paraliminals.

You’ll find that instead of working toward major goals, you are working on minor goals, eliminating issues and annoyances, and making life easier to enjoy.  And, as a result, it might just be easier to achieve the bigger goals!

When you are finished examining each Paraliminal, begin inserting them into a calendar following the suggestions from above. Remember to give yourself breathing room. Listening to one session a day is perfectly acceptable.

Soon you’ll see how many days you’ll be listening. Chances are that you are committing to listening to Paraliminals for at least two months. That is superb, because you’ll be training your brain to go into a relaxed state, which will serve you in every area of your life. A daily period of relaxation, meditation, or contemplation will help you on many levels.

And, yes, write a letter to yourself describing your life today. Talk about what you love and don’t love about your life, where you see strengths as well as weaknesses, where you see hope as well as despair. You’ll feel and see the progress when you read your letter after you are finished with this round of listening. You will be pleasantly surprised by your gains!

#3 Paraliminal Accelerator

A few years back Paul Scheele created the Paraliminal Accelerator as a guide map for using the Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals.

It helps you focus on a goal and then channel the power of all of the Paraliminals toward the attainment of the goal. It includes several charts that show you which Paraliminals to listen to in which order. Following Paul’s advice, you will plug your goal into the charts and determine how each Paraliminal will support your goal.

Then start listening. 40 days later you’ll emerge having made significant gains toward your goal. On a deep inner level you have primed yourself, you have given yourself the internal strength, and you have learned new strategies that will propel you toward the attainment of your goal.

The Paraliminal Accelerator includes hours of recorded coaching session by Paul  to motivate you to stay with the 40-day program and to unleash insights about your life and your goals. I love the way Paul put this program together, and I know you will love the structure and support it bring you.

So there you have it. Three great ways to get the most value from your Ultimate Library of Paraliminals. Which one should you use? Simply follow your intuition. It’s no more complicated than that.