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Turn complaining into prospering

by Pete Bissonette

At our recent Four Masters weekend, a client said, “As soon as I quit complaining and started asking What do I want instead?, the feeling of my life changed and before I knew it—probably within a couple of months, I started seeing abundance as I had hoped.”

She made a list of everything she wanted and listened to the Prosperity Paraliminal a couple of times for each item. She listened at least once a day, while some days saw her plugged in two or three times. “I immediately felt happier, especially at work.  I actually looked forward to going in each day, just like I did when I first started working there.”

This Paraliminal begins by asking you three questions: 1) What area in your life would you like more abundance, 2) What specifically do you desire, and 3) If you could have it now, would you accept it?

It helps get you focused on what you want in your life instead of complaining about what you don’t want. It stays within you, lingering much longer than the actual 20-minute listening session, keeping future complaints at bay.

It supports you unconditionally. It allows you to have wishes and goals and desires without making any judgments on you. You merely need to affirm that what you ask for is what you really want.

On a deep inner level it will help you develop a consciousness of prosperity and abundance. It will help keep a part of you always tuned into your greater good and what you want in your life. It will help strengthen your will and your belief so that you transform your habitual words and actions from those of limitation into those that bring richness.

There are many ways to use Prosperity. The above shows one that many people have used with great success.  Others are outlined in the 20-page booklet that comes with the Paraliminal. You can find a variety of stories throughout our website, including this page that has my favorite personal story.