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Can’t Sleep?

by Pete Bissonette

I sleep so well at night. I think it is because for years and years I would listen to a Paraliminal just before bed.

I literally trained my brain to expect that all stress would drain from my day before I fell asleep. I finished every day putting positive and expansive messages into my brain. And boy does that set you up for a great night’s sleep.

If you’re not sleeping well, consider listening to a Paraliminal before bed each night. Sleep Deeply / Wake Refreshed is the perfect choice.

Listen to the Sleep Deeply session just before bed, and consider listening to the Wake Refreshed session in the morning.

Any Paraliminal before bed will help train your brain and restore your inner rhythms. Dream Play, Prosperity, Deep Relaxation, Personal Genius, Memory Supercharger, Holiday Cheer…they all help your brain and body release stress and let go of the day’s challenges. They all flood your mind with dream-enhancing, life-affirming, relaxation-encouraging images and messages.

And all Paraliminals help connect with the creative possibilities of your brilliance.

To learn more about Sleep Deeply / Wake Refreshed and all of our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.