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Are you frustrated?

by Pete Bissonette

There is nothing worse than feeling frustrated.

I remember a client frustrated by an endless stream of frustrations. (How’s that for a loop?)

He called when he was waiting for a plumber, who by that time was an hour late.

He lamented his kids who wouldn’t keep up on their chores, colleagues who left the office lunch room a mess every day, the neighbor who always lets his dog bark, his forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning, letting a timeshare expire, and falling asleep watching TV…you get the picture. It might be your picture, too.

He called because his frustration was turning into anger, and he was taking it out on others.

I gave him a simple solution, and he called back about a month later a happy man. Here’s what I told him:

Simply listen to the Fresh Start Paraliminal when something or someone frustrates you. If you can’t do it right away, do it as soon as you can after that. Two or three times a day if you have to. Soon you’ll find complete relief.

You see, it helps you become consciously aware in the present moment, allowing you to perceive any situation without judgment. Doing this lets all frustration, anger, and related emotions fall away.

Sure, you might feel a bit confused by how someone is not living up to your expectations, but it no longer triggers you. Your mental traffic clears. You become more objective and more forgiving. Life simply becomes better.

Paul Scheele and Bill Harris (creator of Holosync, which is part of each Paraliminal) co-authored Fresh Start together. They did a magnificent job of creating a way for you to make each moment a new beginning without frustration and other negative emotions. Like most Paraliminals, it is a game-changer.

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