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Eliminating Sloppy Focus

by Pete Bissonette

The busier my day, the more I need to stay focused on the task at hand to the exclusion of everything else. When I do, I get prodigious amounts of work done.

I noticed that on lighter days I get sloppy with my focus and the tasks effortlessly expand to take the time available…and sometimes more. I get a lot less accomplished.

The Focus & Concentration Paraliminal came to my rescue. Not only did it help me on busy days, but I found I could have the same focus on lighter days.

It works because it helps you clarify the deep values, qualities, and traits most important to you, which makes it easier to tap into your personal powers at higher levels. As you do, it’s easier to concentrate fully on the tasks at hand leading to the results you want.

It’s a winning formula developed by best-selling author and speaker Brian Tracy, who created Focus & Concentration with Paul Scheele. As a matter of fact, you’ll hear both of them when you listen to the Paraliminal.

We recommend listening first thing in the morning to develop a deep commitment to perform at your personal best and keep you on track with your most important tasks.

Listening will also raise your self-confidence and increase your enthusiasm and motivation.

After listening on a regular basis, you’ll find yourself automatically and single-mindedly focusing on what generates maximum success for you. At some point, when you feel you need a boost, come back for another listening or two.

Paraliminals are super effective, because they direct your nonconscious mind to perform in ways that allow you to maximize your potential. They help make life easier for you. They help you be a better person.

And don’t keep Paraliminals to yourself. Tell your friends about them. Everyone can use help navigating our world today.

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