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The Magic of Joy, Love, & Peace

by Pete Bissonette

Through the window of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions, you can see what you are creating in life.

Are you seeing what you want?

Would you like to create something better?

Decide how you want to feel. Think of the results you want to create. Imagine what you will achieve.

And… allow the wisdom of the true nature within you to automatically give rise to joy, love, and peace.

Therein lies the magic.

Those wonderful qualities make it easier for you to move beyond the circumstances of life that work to block your intentions and dreams.

Those circumstances could be family drama, health issues, work pressure, financial stress, emotional turmoil…you name it. The expansive qualities of joy, love, and peace, by their very nature, cause the hooks of those circumstance to release….so you can create…so you can achieve…what you want.

Use the Holiday Cheer Paraliminal in the days and weeks to come. This remarkable journey is not about the jingle of the season or any take on religion. It’s about tapping into your energy within and getting better results in life.

Yes, it is a feel-good Paraliminal, AND it leads to seeing good show in your life every single day.

You are welcome to keep the drama, turmoil, and struggles, but why? Especially when it is so easy to live with joy, love, and peace.

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