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Getting Your Life to Work

by Pete Bissonette

When your life is not working… if things often go wrong… if you do not achieve success when you think you should… or, if life is just difficult, access your inner coach.

The No Matter What! Paraliminal is a remarkably effective tool for tapping this inner GPS of yours so you can more easily move forward.

What is an inner coach? It’s what you hear when you still your mind. It speaks from your soul as your higher self. It is your guide. It inspires the best in you. It helps you be a better person.

The more you engage this trusted mentor, the stronger and clearer it becomes. It cheers you on, picking you up when you stumble, and encouraging you to move forward.

I use it when I experience a set-back. I also use it to support new goals. For the most part, one listening is sufficient, but there may be times you’ll want to listen to it daily for a week or so. Simply follow your inner guidance.

No Matter What! has been part of the No Matter What! personal learning course by Lisa Nichols. This fall we made it available to purchase as an individual Paraliminal, because it is one of the most inspirational Paraliminals we have. You’ll hear both Paul Scheele and Lisa Nichols on the Paraliminal. Their voices blend beautifully as they help you develop inner strengths and choose the thoughts, feelings, and actions that transform your circumstances into personal power.

To learn more about No Matter What! and all our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.