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Wealth Motivator

by Pete Bissonette

Wealth. There’s no secret for attaining it. But there is a process to accelerate it:

* Make a choice for wealth. Find a deep desire inside yourself and shape a clear intention for the wealth you choose to create.

* Visualize your goal fully achieved. Using your imagination, go forward in time to when the goal is achieved. Imagine it fully in action.

* Enjoy a sense of deep gratitude for the abundant resources already around and within you. This will fuel motivation. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

* Focus your mind on the abundance expanding before you to continually align your energies.

* Claim and expand your wealth.

The easiest way to use this process is by listening to Paul Scheele’s Wealth Motivator Paraliminal.

It works with your nonconscious mind to create a channel for the flow of energy toward the wealth you want. It will help generate opportunity and motivate decisive actions so you are able to achieve it.

Use the Paraliminal every day for a week and then periodically until your goal is achieved.

The beauty of using Paraliminals is they give your mind strategies that work to achieve your goals. They keep positive reinforcement streaming through you so you never lose sight of the great life you are creating for yourself, so you are always progressing toward what makes your life worthwhile.

To learn more about the Wealth Motivator Paraliminal and all of our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.