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Enough to Retire?

by Pete Bissonette

I’m surprised at the number of people I know personally in their 60s, 70s, and 80s who did not save enough to retire.

For whatever reason, their earlier spending and saving were inconsistent, if not detrimental, with being able to retire.

Perhaps it was pie-in-the-sky thinking … head-in-the-sand non-thinking … relying on the universe without proper energetic underpinnings … ignorance … willful procrastination … whatever… It does not matter. They are there, and they have to deal with it.

That’s why we created the Financial Security Paraliminal … to help folks on a nonconscious level balance their earning, spending, and saving to live a financially secure life. It’s good for folks in their earning years and in their retirement years.

I truly believe abundance is our birthright. But it is not an entitlement.

You have to consistently do the work to live in our physical world. This involves taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of your life including your earning, spending, and saving.

To live a life with full abundance, you have to create an energetic blueprint that supports abundance.

Your energetic blueprint is what the universe uses to help you create what’s in your life. If you are not prosperous, it is a total and complete representation of your energetic blueprint.

Our Paraliminals such as Belief, Prosperity, Abundant Money Mindset, and Living the Law of Attraction help you work on your energetic blueprint. The results can appear magical, but there is no magic about it. They use Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Holosync, and other human performance technologies to guide your mind, which shifts your energetic blueprint and helps you take the action you need to live the life you want.

It begins with building your financial security. Use the Financial Security Paraliminal until you firmly establish earning, spending, and saving habits. Weekly for as long as necessary. You want to live financially secure, now and for all the days you romp on the planet.

I know someone, “Tom,” who in 1997 was tricked by a business partner, “James.” This caused an immediate shift in how Tom looked at his financial future, and he set personal spending and saving patterns to support retirement. James did not. He continued with wild schemes and trickery and entered his retirement years nearly broke. Tom, on the other hand, has the financial means to live well.

Use Financial Security. It’s your responsibility to balance your earning, spending, and saving…and live a wonderfully satisfying life. To learn more about Financial Security and all of our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.