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The very first Paraliminal

by Pete Bissonette

In early 1988 I walked into Paul Scheele’s office (there were only two of us then, so he was easy to find). “We have a little space in a brochure we’re mailing out. How shall we use it? Should we do another workshop?”

Paul said, “Our clients have been asking us to put our technology on tape, let’s do one!”

He reminded me how he and his first business partner, Mark Kinnich, would simultaneously work with clients who came wanting to make changes in their lives. The client would recline in an easy chair, and Mark and Paul would position themselves so that one would speak into the client’s right ear and the other into the left ear.

The one speaking into the right ear would generally guide the client through neuro-linguistic programming processes that would stimulate the logical, analytical left brain. And, the one speaking into the left ear would use metaphors and guided imagery to stimulate the creative right brain. Together they involved the whole mind in a way that by-passed the critical conscious mind. This would keep that little voice in the back of the head from saying things such as “There’s no way I can lose weight” or “I’ll never be prosperous.” It makes it much easier for the client to take in the suggestions they needed.

While the sessions were very effective, they were also very expensive and not many clients could afford it.

“What if we could do sessions like that on tape?” Paul asked.

We talked about the topic of the tape. It would be the ultimate tape that Paul and I would both want to use to help ourselves, because we didn’t expect to produce any more. We had to come up with the ideal tape to serve us the rest of our lives.

I went back to my office to write a description of what I wanted, and then Paul rewrote it based on what he thought he could create. And we mailed the brochure.  We priced the tape at $35, because we figured we would sell 100 copies and we knew it would cost $3500 to produce it (how’s that for top level thinking!).

Within a few weeks we had sold a few dozen copies, so we decided we better hop on it and create the bugger.  Paul went into the studio and came back with a recording that was pretty bad. It simply wasn’t what either of us had expected.

Paul needed to script out each word along with the intricate timing that would be necessary to allow the two voices to effortlessly play off each other and would generate results for the client.

The next recording was golden!

On Friday, April 15, 1988, we sent out the first 100 copies of the New Behavior Generator. By that Monday over 30 people had received it in the mail, took time to listen to it, experienced immediate results, and called to tell us about it. We knew we had something with the Paraliminals.

Since then they have become the cornerstone of our business with over one million in circulation. Individual titles such as 10-Minute Supercharger, Automatic Pilot, and Get Around To It are sold individually while others are part of our personal learning courses. They all help you on a very deep level learn new strategies for responding to what is going on in your life. They all help you activate your whole mind to maximize your potential and help you get great at living life.

The 35th New Behavior Generator was purchased by Dana Hanson, who was then 14. We put him on a long term payment plan of a dollar a month. As soon as he graduated from school back in the early 90s, we hired him, and he’s been with us since. He’s now one of our coaches.

There’s another part of the story that I haven’t told very often. A story how the universe made us pay attention.

Back in those days we primarily offered PhotoReading seminars and certification training for neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). On the Monday before we shipped those first New Behavior Generators we had to cancel the spring NLP courses scheduled to begin the following week—there simply were not enough participants for us to run it.

It was as if the Universe said, “Okay guys. We’re clearing the plate for you. Pay attention to what you have.”

It was easy for us to decide to create more Paraliminals. The calls from clients made it a no-brainer. Still we had a problem. Paul and I didn’t know what we were going to do for money, because there was not enough coming in the rest of the month to pay the bills let alone to pay us or create new Paraliminals.

But that next morning, right after we decided to create more Paraliminals, we received a telephone call. A woman from a Fortune 500 company wanted to know if we could teach a group of executives PhotoReading. Furthermore they wanted the class to begin  on Thursday.

I said, “I think we can arrange it. The problem is, however, that you typically don’t pay for six months. Can we get payment from you sooner?” She said, “Yes, I’ll have a check for $6,000 for you on Thursday.”

The Universe rewarded us for paying attention. 

As special as the Paraliminals have been for us, they can be quite vital for you. Even after all of these years, this unique human performance technology still works. We continue to create new Paraliminals so that you can quickly get the results you want and move on to live an amazing life.

In these next couple of week’s we’ll have a series of interesting articles for getting more value from the library of Paraliminals. They will include how to use combinations of various Paraliminals for different applications such as: How to use Paraliminals when grieving the loss of a love one, How to use Paralimianals for Depression, and How to use Paraliminals for post-traumatic stress disorder.



(Posted on March 8, 2010)