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Learn from the Company You Keep

by Pete Bissonette

Do you ever find that you’ve adopted the mannerisms or sayings of someone else – without having realized it?

Perhaps it’s a goofy face often exhibited by a coworker seeking to ease a tense situation or a common or quirky phrase of a close friend or loved one.

The old adage “You learn from the company you keep” is profoundly true.

As infants we learned by modeling those around us. This natural learning method lets us acquire language, speech patterns, mannerisms, and general orientation to our world.

You can use this same modeling technique today to acquire new behaviors that help you more effectively achieve your goals. It’s a process we use on our
New Behavior Generator Paraliminal.

Modeling can help you develop personality characteristics, patterns of self-motivation, attitudes, and behaviors that distinguish successful people from failures. Even highly complex skills such as playing the guitar or golf can be enhanced through modeling.

Here’s how you do it.

  • Identify a specific goal. Let’s say you want to improve your golf game by 10 percent or give a presentation that will influence a client to buy your product or service.
  • Identify the behaviors that will lead you to the goal. These could be personality traits, emotional responses, or specific identifiable actions, such as the body posture of a perfect golf swing or the voice inflection of an influential speaker.
  • Select a model – someone who consistently demonstrates the behaviors that will lead you to your goal. Ideally, this should be a real person, possibly someone you personally know, or someone you admire such as golf pro Tiger Woods or the top account executive in your company.
  • Close your eyes, relax, and visualize your model demonstrating the behaviors you have chosen. Notice specific elements of behavior you desire, the muscle movements, posture, rhythm, or voice.
  • Now, see yourself in place of your model, as if you removed their body and substituted yours. Imagine you can see and hear your body, fully demonstrating the exact behavior your model demonstrated.
  • Finally, imagine stepping inside the image of you to experience the new behaviors, the feeling of your muscles, your posture, the rhythm and tempo of your movements, or the quality of your voice.

Your brain can construct and step into any resource. Modeling allows you to translate an abstract set of neurological resources into something more tangible. Your brain accepts as fact that these behaviors can be performed and will help you learn them.

Use this exercise to bring out your full inner resources to achieve more success in every area of your life.

To quickly break out of old habits of behavior and demonstrate your new choices for thinking, feeling, and behaving, listen to the New Behavior Generator Paraliminal. Simply push play, close your eyes, relax, and listen.

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