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Wasting Time

by Pete Bissonette

When you have places to go, things to do, and people to see, it is good to be conscious about your time.

I’ve heard from too many clients who can’t get projects at work done on time… or constantly say things like “I’m too tired to do the dishes, I’ll watch TV instead.” “I never have enough time for everything I have to do.” “Something always gets in the way.” “I’d love to learn the guitar or write poetry.” “I should call Mom.”

That’s where the Conscious Time Paraliminal comes in.

It helps you realize the true value of your time so it becomes easier to manage your time in ways that reward you, energize you, and make your life worthwhile. You’ll find yourself wasting a lot less time.

It’s not about making lists or being organized, while that certainly can help. It’s about looking at time in an entirely new way that transforms your reality.

Everything you do in life—every action and nonaction—is a choice, even if the choice is unconscious.

How you choose to invest your time is an expression of who you are. It reflects your deepest values in your work, hobbies, community commitments, and how you tend your relationships. And that can change everything.

Begin by using Conscious Time daily for a week, and then decide how often you want to listen in the future. You might want to continue daily for a month. Totally up to you. It’s your time.

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