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Tap Your Imagination for Greater Success

by Pete Bissonette

When you were eight years old, what did you imagine you would become?

A veterinarian, musician, or astronaut? Maybe all three?

Do you still engage your creative imagination to achieve your goals today? It may be a good indicator of how sharp your memory is.

According to a Harvard University study, your ability to create imaginative scenarios is directly linked to your ability to remember details from the past.

Your episodic memory, which recalls your personal accounts of the past, is also responsible for projecting yourself into the future. In order to imagine future scenarios, the researchers explain, you must be able to extract details from the past and repurpose them into your imaginary future.

Psychologists and authors of the study Donna Rose Addis, Alana Wong, and Daniel Schacter conducted autobiographical interviews on younger and older participants about past and future scenarios. Their findings showed, compared to the young adult participants, older adults had significantly lower use of episodic details in describing past memories as well as imagined future events.

If your creativity feels dull, remind yourself of the abundant resources of support you have within you to keep your imagination flowing.

The neural networks that make up your identity and which change and grow as you do offer access to all the gifts, talents, strengths, and capabilities you developed as a result of your successful life experiences.

For example, you may have been a child when you realized you could learn something that was important to you, such as learning to play guitar or being able to perform with confidence in front of a group.

Perhaps someone told you that you would “never be able” to accomplish something, and you proved them wrong. As an adult you may have discovered that if someone stood in your way, they could not block you from a goal.

These resourceful examples of “you” are actually living parts of you that can be called upon to help you accomplish your goals.

Think of your goals as destinations, accomplishments on the greater journey to your life’s fulfillment. Imagine within you a marvelous collaborative team—a treasure-hunting party—comprised of a group of internal resources (your gifts, talents, and strengths). Once these resources chart a map to your destination, your Imagination uses them in a loving way to rally the support you need.

This treasure-hunting party helps you to find and decipher clues left for you by the universe and your higher intelligence and motivates you to take courageous action with greater confidence each day.

To activate the treasure-seeking mechanisms of your inner mind, be clear about what you want. Answering the following questions from our Finding Treasure Paraliminal helps you think about your goal or intention from a number of perspectives.

1) What is it that you are choosing to create in your life right now? The key is to make sure you really are choosing to create this, because when you set your mind upon it, it will happen.

2) What will you see, hear, and feel when you fulfill your intention? Make it so clear that it’s easier for your brain to fully embrace.

3) What will be different in your life when you accomplish your goal? Provide your brain with a contrast, helping it prepare for the change that will take place in the transition from where you are today to where you are going.

4) How will you know when you have attained your goal? This is your evidence procedure, the internal measures you will make to acknowledge you have arrived. Knowing this will also help you observe the progress you are making.

5) What stops you from achieving your outcome now? This might be a tough one, but then again, you might know right away.

Once you consciously establish your intention, the power of your nonconscious resources will unleash your creative imagination to help you achieve it.

To heighten your sense of awareness of your innate gift and abilities, listen to the Finding Treasure Paraliminal. Simply push play, close your eyes, relax, and listen.

This closed-eye process activates your “whole mind” with a precise blend of music and words to help you get the most out of every minute.

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