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How to Break a Habit

by Pete Bissonette

Do you have a habit that is inconsistent with what you want in your life?

* Jay loved his job, but he was late for work at least three days a week. He knew this was inconsistent with the peak performer he dreamed to be.

* Jacob was a waiter at a top restaurant. His tip earnings were always at the top. But he would mouth off at his manager. As a result of this habit, his manager threatened to move Jacob to lunchtime service instead of the lucrative dinnertime service.

* John was a trucker, and he was away from home for weeks at a time. Over the course of years he began picking up women in different parts of the country. While it weighed heavy on his emotions, his wife never found out.

All three had habits that were inconsistent with what they wanted in life, and they turned to Paul Scheele’s Break the Habit Paraliminal.

When I spoke with Jay, he had not been late to work in over three months, and had just received a massive 38% raise. “I had no idea how much that bad habit affected my performance. And others’ perception of me.”

Jacob was fired, but found a new restaurant in just over a month. He said the old habit is gone, and he is actually earning more.

It took longer for John to break his habit, but he said it has been several years since cheating on his wife, and their relationship is much better.

Do you have a habit that doesn’t belong in your ideal life? The two sessions of Break the Habit can have a profound impact for you and the future you desire. As a bonus you’ll be enjoying deep feelings of confidence, calm, self-direction, and satisfaction.

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